Last Chance to Grow Your Worship Team This Fall?

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall here in the U.S., which means that NOW is the perfect time for you to GROW your worship team!

The last two weeks I’ve challenged you to have a Passion for the growth of your Worship Team and to partner with God in Praying for the growth of your team… two very important parts of your team health and growth this fall.

But without this 3rd and final element in your Growth Plan for the fall, the first two will soon fade.

Step #2 to a BIG Day of Auditions

The final days of summer are upon us, football season has begun and NOW is the time to plan for your Fall Worship Team auditions!

Recently we kicked off this new series of articles to help you get ready for how God can grow your team through a BIG day of auditions. It’s an important responsibility that we all have. But too many times worship leaders either don’t do a big audition day or don’t maximize their audition day because they haven’t been trained on how to do it.

So, in this four-part push I want to help you plan your auditions and grow your Worship Team this fall. Last time we talked about developing a passion for the growth of your team. And here is the second step…

Planning Your Fall Worship Team Auditions

A two-hour school supply shopping trip to Walmart last weekend was all the reminder that I needed that school is starting back, the Fall ministry season is upon us and NOW is the time to plan for your Fall Worship Team auditions!

Growing your worship team is one of the most important responsibilities you have in ministry, but too many times worship teams DON’T grow, not because the worship leader is lazy or short on vision, but because they just haven’t been trained how to do it effectively.So, today I’m kicking off a four week push to help you plan your auditions and grow your Worship Team this fall. The fall is the PERFECT time to grow your worship team and I want to help you do just that!  Why?

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Two Secrets to Finishing Strong in 2013

It turned Fall last week . . . not here in South Florida where it’s still blazing hot, but nonetheless Fall began for almost everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s hard to believe, but the changing of the season from Summer to Fall reminds us that this year is 75% done.

Seems like just yesterday I was ringing in the New Year and asking God to do more in me and through me this year than ever before. Now here we are with just a few months left in 2013.
This is the time of year when you and I need to do TWO VERY IMPORTANT THINGS:  Read more

The Most Important Words You’ll Say this Sunday

It’s 30 seconds to service start time.  The pre-service music is playing. You and your worship team take the stage. You’ve worked hard to prepare for this moment… selecting and memorizing music, leading rehearsal, arranging the slides in ProPresenter, and even one last time through the music at sound check this morning.

A final check to make sure you’re instrument is tuned. You give a thumbs up to your team to let them know you’re ready for a great opening worship song.  The lights come up and…

As a worship leader you pour your heart into preparing the music, but do you take time to think about what you will say before the music even begins? Read more

Three Ways to Overcome the Hard Days of Ministry

“On it’s best day, ministry is hard.”

That is the advice my Pastor shared with me when I first started in ministry, and it’s true.

God has called us to no easy task. It’s hard work on it’s best day. And I don’t even want to talk about it’s worst day!

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about ministry. That since it’s God’s work it’s always fulfilling, fascinating, and fun. But a year into ministry and you realize that while it is all of those things sometimes, it’s not all of those things all the time.

When you’re short on budget, short on volunteers, short on time, and short on enthusiasm, ministry can be anything but fun. Read more

How to Raise New Leaders on your Worship Team

Do you remember the story of Michael that I shared with you last week? He is a fellow worship leader (and a member of my coaching network) who, after leading a round of auditions, recently found himself at the helm of a fast growing worship ministry.

Like many of us would be . . . a new level of leadership is a bit overwhelming, but he’s growing through it and doing a great job.

Have you ever found yourself there . . . under the mounting stress of leading a worship team (regardless of the size) that just felt like it was more than you could handle at the time? I have!

Wherever you are in ministry — whether you lead 20 or 200 people on your worship team — there are leadership principles that can help remove the stress and maximize the gifts and opportunities that a growing worship ministry holds.

We kicked off this 3-part series by talking about how our personal growth ALWAYS precedes our ministry growth last week.

And now here’s leadership principle #2 . . . Read more