3 Ways to Step-up Your Sunday Focus Time

You know the moment on Sunday that I’m talking about. 

After all of the set-up, sound checks, ramp-ups and run-thru’s are finished, your Team pulls together each Sunday to catch their breath and commit the upcoming service to God in a time of prayer. 

It’s some of the most important time that you and your team have on Sunday morning.  Not only because it’s the time where we admit our total dependence on God to work in the service (we only teach and play the music; God is the one who changes lives), but because for a few minutes we have our key team members together.  They look to us not only to lead them in prayer, but to lead them.  To inspire, encourage, challenge and “fire-up” for the service ahead. Read more

3 Lessons Your Church Can Learn from Disney – Part 3

One of the most compelling stories that I recently heard on a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the world’s most creative destinations — Walt Disney World — centers around a problem that every Worship Leader and Pastor faces each week.

Here’s the story told to us by the Disney Leadership Team: Read more

3 Lessons Your Church Can Learn from Disney (Part 2)

Last week we started a 3-part series on Leadership Lessons that I think every Pastor and Worship Leader can learn from one of the world’s most unique leadership laboratories — Disney.

After being invited to take part in a special “behind-the-scenes” tour of Walt Disney World and seeing the inner-workings of Disney in a way that few people do, I couldn’t help but share with you these THREE BIG leadership lessons that I learned along the way.

We covered the first one last week – Over-manage the Details.  And today, I’ll cover Lesson #2: Read more