Planning Your Fall Worship Team Auditions

A two-hour school supply shopping trip to Walmart last weekend was all the reminder that I needed that school is starting back, the Fall ministry season is upon us and NOW is the time to plan for your Fall Worship Team auditions!

Growing your worship team is one of the most important responsibilities you have in ministry, but too many times worship teams DON’T grow, not because the worship leader is lazy or short on vision, but because they just haven’t been trained how to do it effectively.So, today I’m kicking off a four week push to help you plan your auditions and grow your Worship Team this fall. The fall is the PERFECT time to grow your worship team and I want to help you do just that!  Why?


If you’ve been around Worship Leader Insights for any amount of time, you know I have a HUGE passion to mobilize people in our church for ministry on our Worship Arts Team because I know that when they start serving on our team, all kinds of great spiritual steps follow.

That’s why I believe (and teach) a very simple, but profound principle of serving . . . Ministry is a Pathway to Discipleship.

It is impossible to know what it means to become like Christ until you know what it means to serve like Christ.

I have found time and again that the people serving on our Worship Arts Team are likely to make other significant spiritual steps too like joining a small group, developing spiritual habits, tithing, and so on.

So for you and me, if we are serious about not only the growth of our ministries, but also the overall spiritual health of our churches, we must do the work of involving people in ministry. And it begins with us!

Remember – healthy things grow (my dad is a farmer so I know this well)! Decide today that you will not sit idly by to see if by chance some interested volunteer might pass your way. Decide to actively cooperate with God to diligently build your team.


Over the next few weeks in these articles and through some special opportunities (see below) we’ll talk about the Three Keys to Growing Your Worship Team this Fall:

#1 – Developing a passion to grow your team. Simply stated . . . Our teams will grow to the extent that we passionately pray and work for their growth. (More on this next week.)

#2 – The role of prayer in growing your worship team. It’s not just up to you and me, so how do you pray with action for the growth of your team?

#3 – Plan a BIG DAY of auditions.  At The Journey, auditions are responsible for the quick, steady and healthy growth of our Worship Arts Team . . . as well as the Worship Arts Team’s of hundreds of worship leaders all over the country who have adopted our auditions system and are seeing the same results we have had. Because of these auditions, their teams have . . .

  • Doubled in volunteers in one day before (it doesn’t happen every time, but it happens more times than you might believe)
  • Given volunteers a break BEFORE they burned out
  • Created a CONSTANT flow of new volunteers into the team
  • Established a healthy “Seasons” approach to their team that promotes not only growth, but overall health
  • And much more!

A healthy and growing Worship Team doesn’t have to be a mystery. With a prayerful passion for growth and the right system, you can lead your team to involve more people in ministry this Fall than ever before and make a lasting difference.

Your partner in ministry,



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