Does your worship order for Sunday have one of these? It should…

You have probably heard me say before…, “Don’t just sing songs . . . create moments!”

So, what is a “moment”?

Specifically, it’s a “moment of life transformation”. It’s more than just a good worship set or a good sermon. Moments are intentional ideas, creative expressions, or times during the service where people can connect with God and experience life transformation.

The great thing about moments is that they are in EVERY worship order. They’re just waiting to be discovered.

Unfortunately, too many times we don’t look for them or ways to maximize them every week, which is why your worship orders may be feeling stale right now.

If you want to utilize moments in your worship order and break free of the ho-hum feeling that you’re doing the same thing every week, then you need to know these two truths about creating moments…

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