Too soon to sing Christmas music? Not according to this…

When is it “too early” to start singing Christmas music?

If you ask my wife the answer is, “It’s never too soon!”

But what about in your church?

That’s been a “hot topic” this November as retailers have more than encroached on Thanksgiving and Halloween to put us in the Christmas (i.e. buying) spirit earlier than ever. 

Black Friday is now Black November. Every major online retailer already has ongoing Christmas sales. And some stores and restaurants started playing 24/7 Christmas music as soon as the trick-or-treaters fell asleep on All Hallow’s Eve.

It’s enough to drive the people in your church and mine crazy!

In fact, a recent survey found that 55% of people think it’s too soon for Christmas music.

All of this hub-bub about Christmas coming too soon has many worship leaders asking…

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The Worship Leader’s Guide to Planning (and Surviving) Christmas — Save over 73%

Does your Christmas Checklist look something like this:

Listen to dozens of Christmas song arrangements… this week!

Select, arrange and chart music that we never sing for four straight Sundays in December

Juggle my volunteer’s holiday travel schedules (is anyone even in town!)

Plan a full-scale production for Christmas Eve

Try to find musicians for above mentioned Christmas Eve production

Buy a Christmas present for my spouse before Christmas Eve (this year)

Attend 15 Christmas parties and my kids’ school Christmas concerts

Try to enjoy Christmas in spite of all the other items on this list


Christmas is coming and already the pressure for worship leaders is mounting.

For many Worship Leaders Christmas can be anything but “the most wonderful time of the year”.

Many are hoping to just survive Christmas…

…but what if you could actually THRIVE this Christmas?
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