Introducing The Renegade Worship Pastors Network

An Exclusive, Private Network for Worship Leaders who Expect Great Things From God and are Willing to Attempt Great Things for God!

The Renegade Worship Pastors network is a group of passionate, cut-against-the-grain, discontent-with-average, motivated-for-ministry, what-are-we-waiting-for Worship Leaders who want to have a growing and healthy ministry and personal life.

Every month, through our Leadership Briefing and Equipping Calls, I will help you develop the habits of a healthy and growing worship leader as we tackle topics like:

 Personal and professional growth

 Worship Team Health and Growth

 Advanced Planning

 Healthy Worship Ministry Systems

 Becoming a better spouse and parent

 Fulfilling your calling as a minister

 Stress Management and emotional strength

 And so much more