Report: Christmas Coming Early this Year?

Have you seen the news headlines this week?

It seems Christmas is coming early this year (or at least Christmas shopping is!).  More and more stores are planning to open their doors for “Black Friday” before the Thanksgiving turkey has even been carved on Thursday.

Now – whether you’re for it, against it, or could care less, it does tell us one thing.  Read more

Two Questions to Make Your Service Better this Sunday

I just have a minute this morning, but wanted to share a quick leadership lesson I taught to a group of Top-Notch Pastors last week at an event I spoke at.

Here goes…

Question: Do you want your services to be better this week than they were last week?  

(I know… silly question).

Of course you do… we all want to see our services improve (i.e. better musically, better transitions, less distractions, more opportunity for life-transformation).

Here’s the thing:

The key to making THIS Sunday’s service better is to look at LAST Sunday’s service first.  At The Journey, we call this the Service Debrief.  Here’s what you do. Read more