Why your church doesn’t sing… and what you can do to fix it (Part 3)

Want to know a sure-fire way to keep your church from singing this Sunday?

I didn’t think so 🙂  But the truth is, if you’re making one of these THREE BIG MISTAKES you in fact are keeping your congregation from singing.

Recently I kicked off this new series about what has become one of the major issues facing worship leaders and churches today: the decline of congregational singing.

And whether or not you believe your church is experiencing this right now, the recent trends point to the fact that more and more congregations are singing “less and less”.

Today we’re going to tackle the second reason for this decline in congregational singing, as well as what you can do about it in your church.

But first an important reminder — while it is within our power as pastors and worship leaders to remove all of these obstacles to singing in our churches, it will take some work (and willingness) to make small, but important adjustments to our worship leading.

If that’s you and you’re willing, then let’s talk about the second reason…

Recently in the Worship Leader Gold Network Monthly Leadership and Strategy Call I talked about this topic of congregational singing and taught 7 important lessons from John Wesley for how to encourage your congregation to sing.

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Have you ever been to a church service where the band is fully engaged in worship, but a significant percentage of the audience is sitting back, watching, checking their phones and wondering when the set is going to end?
The band may be well-rehearsed, musically excellent and have genuine hearts for the Lord, but if the songs they’re leading are too complicated the congregation is going to check out.
Remember… the average person in your church is not a trained musician. What comes easy to you does not come easy to them. So, do your best to exclude songs that require large interval jumps or complex rhythmic, melodic and harmonic lines.
And watch your language, too (no… I don’t mean it that way).  Be aware of the phrasing and type of language used in a song. If the song is completely me-focused, it’s likely not a good corporate song choice. If the lyrics are overly specific about certain life experiences, you may alienate a significant portion of your congregation who can’t relate.
If the lyrics are difficult or feel more like a solo than a congregational song you’re likely to create spectators rather than worshipers.

Martin Luther, following the Reformation, not only translated the Bible into the vernacular (“language of the people”) for people to read and understand, he did the same with music in the church.  After centuries of music being performed only by priests and skilled musicians, it was once again being written so that the people could sing it.

Yet, nearly 500 years later we are seeing a reversal back to the pre-Reformation days of skilled musicians (the worship team) doing most of the singing while the congregation remains silent. We would do well to follow Luther’s example of making songs singable for our churches.

The truth is many of the songs be written and released for churches today are wonderfully written and theologically sound, but they’re simply too hard for the average person in your church to sing.
Does this mean they shouldn’t be written… that God doesn’t use them… or that we should not purchase any music that isn’t “congregation friendly”?
Of course not!
But it does mean that as worship leaders we must choose wisely the songs we lead on Sunday. Just because a song is on a “worship” album doesn’t mean that it’s right for your congregation.
Regardless of how much we like them and the band that recorded them, we just have to pass on some songs when it comes to congregational worship.
In Ephesians 5:19-20 Paul instructs the church to, “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
When we select songs that the congregation can sing we are doing our part to help the church fulfill this command and sing worship to the Lord.
Your partner in ministry,


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