When (and How) to Creatively Introduce Christmas Music

Jason HatleyWow! The response to last week’s Planning Powerful Christmas Services Free Report has been incredible. Over 350 Worship Leaders downloaded the Free Report last week which tells me one thing . . .

Christmas is on our minds!

And it should be. After all, the retail world is already “selling” Christmas, and you and I need to be “planning” Christmas, too. Which reminds me . . .

Last November, my wife and I went to do a little shopping the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. When we walked into the store Bing Crosby’s White Christmas was blaring over the sound system.

Don’t get me wrong . . . I love the song, but 2 days before Thanksgiving strikes me as a bit too early. After all, I don’t want to skip over the Thanksgiving Day meal. Am I alone on that one?

I know why the department store did it. Because they sell more merchandise when Bing is crooning. But, for you and I, that’s not why we play Christmas music.

We do it to celebrate the birth of our Savior. And this time of year, a question I always get from worship leaders and pastors alike is, “How soon is too soon to start singing Christmas music in my church?”

As you might imagine . . . I have a little system for that here at The Journey 🙂

So, in the spirit of giving, here is my guide for introducing and selecting music for the Christmas Season:

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Preventing Problems on Your Worship Team

On Friday night (just a few days ago) I had the great pleasure of hosting the New Season Kick-off for the Fall season of our Worship Arts Team.

New Season Kick-off is twice-a-year event for everyone on our Worship Arts Team. We come together before the start of a new season to:

  • Communicate the vision and values of our team,
  • Commit to the expectations of our team,
  • Celebrate the preceding season
  • Define the Development process for each person serving on on our team.

It’s a fun event . . . but it’s also critical to the health and growth of our Worship Arts Team.

In fact, I have hosted over 20 of these events in the last 10 years of ministry at The Journey. The reason is simple . . .

Agreements prevent Disagreements.

Here’s what I mean.
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