How to Keep Your Congregation Engaged this Christmas

“Why did we do that song on Sunday?”

I’ve asked myself that question in frustration before… how about you?

What seemed like a good idea in the music planning meeting, didn’t turn out all that great in the service on Sunday.

Maybe it was too hard, too high, too hip… whatever the reason, it didn’t connect. And as a result both me and the congregation left the service thinking, “Why did we do that song?”

Remember — when planning our worship sets, we’re not there to sing songs, but to create moments. And that’s especially important this time of year as we sing Christmas songs that have tremendous power, yet at the same time can come across mundane and boring without proper planning. Read more

Creating “Moments” in Your Christmas Music

You’ve heard me say it before — our goal in worship on Sunday isn’t to sing songs, but to create life-transforming moments (thanks to Tom Jackson for introducing me to this principle).

This is especially true as we’re preparing music for the Christmas season. But oftentimes, the temptation is to give Christmas music the “same old treatment” that it received last year.

Doing the same arrangements of the same songs on the same Sunday’s we did them last year.

But the story of Christmas is powerful and life-transforming. And the music of Christmas can be as well, if we’ll answer these 3 questions as we plan: Read more

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