What Are You Returning to the Kingdom?

Several years ago a producer friend of mine from Nashville asked me to write and record a worship album for his label.  (No – this is not a joke – ha!)

I was honored – he is a Grammy-nominated producer, has big distribution channels, and frankly he’s a good friend so I really wanted to do it.

I had a choice to make . . . I could do the album OR I could start WorshipLeaderInsights.com and train worship leaders. I simply didn’t have time for both (and working full time at The Journey).

To keep this brief . . . I don’t have a worship album in Walmart. 🙂

Those who know me well have asked me why I chose to pass on the album and focus on training Worship Leaders.

My reason: Both were great options, but training worship leaders (for me) gave me the greatest opportunity to serve the church and make a difference for the Kingdom of God.

You see . . . there are TWO very important principles that I live by.

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Late for Rehearsal Again . . . Not anymore!

“Late to Rehearsal . . . Again?”

If you’re like me, when you read the phrase you immediately think of at least one person on your team. You can see their face right now, can’t you?

Whether they are late to rehearsal, set-up, the Sunday service, Small Group, their own wedding, or whatever else may be on the calendar, some members of your team and mine have a Punctuality Problem.

Just recently I had a really great guy playing guitar with our team and he was constantly late . . . BIG TIME LATE. It wasn’t getting better and I had to jump in to fix it.

But how?

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Grow Your Worship Team this Week

This past Sunday, March 13, I had the privilege to host a Worship Arts Overview Reception at our newest Journey campus in South Florida.

If you are familiar with the “How to Double Your Worship Team in a Day” resource, you know that the Worship Arts Reception is one of the KEY STRATEGIES that I use to involve new people in ministry on our Worship Arts Team.

It’s basically a short, 30-minute party that I host twice a year after the service and invite people who are interested in serving on the Worship Arts Team to attend.Sounds easy, right . . . that’s because it is :-)But it’s also powerful!In fact I’ve found that nearly 50% of the people who sign up for our big day of auditions do so at a Worship Arts Overview Reception.

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