Points of Entry: This Principle Can Grow Your Team this Week!

I know that the title of this article sounds a little far-fetched, but go with me for a moment here. . .

There is one principle that I see missing in almost every church I coach or visit that could radically change the number of volunteers serving on their Worship Team and most of them could incorporate this strategy this week.

But first a little background.

There are two things that most of us either aren’t aware of or refuse to believe when it comes to the growth of our Worship Teams. With your permission I’m going to be a little direct – ha!

#1 – The average person in your church (and mine) doesn’t know that they CAN join the worship team.

I know . . . I know . . . it’s not popular to say that, but it’s true! Most of us don’t do a great job telling the people in our church (regularly) that there are opportunities to serve on the Worship Arts Team. As a result, our teams stay small, the same people serve over and again, and the average person looks at our team and thinks, “Oh – that must be the Worship Team. Guess they have it covered and don’t need me.”

Ready for #2?

#2 – Even if the average person in your church (and mine) knew they could join the Worship Arts Team, they don’t know HOW.

Is there an audition? Should I check a box, visit a table, call the church, stalk the Worship Pastor, mention it in my prayer request?

It’s not clear HOW people can tell you they want to join the team, so (believe it or not) many of them keep to themselves and don’t.

But – it doesn’t have to be that way. And that’s why this principle I want to share with you is so powerful.

It’s the Principle of “Points of Entry”.

A point of entry is the way that a person in your church let’s you know that they are interested in joining your worship team. Having surveyed hundreds of worship leaders in the last five years on this, I’ve found that the average church only has 1-2 of these important points. It’s kind of like fishing though . . . the more hooks you have in the water, the more fish you’ll catch.

Let me give you an example of one point of entry. At The Journey on the back of our Connection Card we have a box that says, “Send me more info about . . . ” and it lists a number of items. Years ago I asked if we could include “Worship Arts Team” in that section. Seems simple enough, but do you know what happens every week?

In New York City, between 5-10 people check that box on their connection card every week. Here at our new location in Boca Raton, between 3-5 check it every week.

Over the course of the year (you’re already doing the math) anywhere between 100 and 250 people will tell us they are interested in learning more about the Worship Arts Team. Simple, but powerful!

Now for full disclosure, not everyone of those will end up joining the team — some people just like checking boxes. But, I can tell you with utmost certainty if that box weren’t there, that we would have a SERIOUS gap in our new Worship Arts Team audition numbers.

We have a dozen or so Points of Entry at The Journey and this past Friday I just finished walking my Coaching Network through each one of them and how to use them to maximize the number of people on their Worship Arts Teams.

If you’re interested in joining us for the next Coaching call click this link to learn how to apply: www.worshipleaderinsights.com/coaching.

This principle can radically increase the number of people who start the process of joining your team.

So here are the questions you need to answer to get started:

#1 – How many Points of Entry do I have at my church?

#2 – What is 1 NEW Point of Entry I could integrate this week? Steal mine from above if you like.

#3 – What are 5 NEW Points of Entry I could integrate in the next 3 months.

I’d love to hear what you come up with and how this little strategy benefits your team, so be sure to email and let me know what you develop and how it goes!

Your partner in ministry,


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