Two Secrets to Finishing Strong in 2013

It turned Fall last week . . . not here in South Florida where it’s still blazing hot, but nonetheless Fall began for almost everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s hard to believe, but the changing of the season from Summer to Fall reminds us that this year is 75% done.

Seems like just yesterday I was ringing in the New Year and asking God to do more in me and through me this year than ever before. Now here we are with just a few months left in 2013.
This is the time of year when you and I need to do TWO VERY IMPORTANT THINGS:  #1 – EVALUATE HOW THE YEAR HAS GONE SO FAR

The average person doesn’t take time to reflect on how their year has gone. They just keep their head down, keep working and hope it all turns out OK in the end.

But you and I both know that if you do what the average person does, you’ll get average results. So in order to see extraordinary things happen in our lives and ministries, we have to do extra-ordinary things. One of those is taking an honest look at how things have gone so far.

I was reviewing my One-Year Personal Growth Plan recently and was happy to see that I’ve been able to hit many of the goals on my list so far this year.

But there are still some things left on my “to get done” list for this year, too. Some goals that I haven’t quite reached. Some plans that haven’t quite materialized, but I have taken on some new challenges, grown a ton and I’m confident I’ll finish the year strong.

How about you?

How’s it going so far this year? Have you had some great celebrations of what God has done in your church this year? Have you met your goals? Do you have some things left undone?

Have you grown, overcome some nagging challenges, and are confident in your next 3 months of ministry?

Now is the time to make course corrections to ensure you finish the year strong.

Next . . .


It may seem a little early to look ahead to next year . . . after all, football season just started and it’s not even Christmas yet, but let me share with you an important lesson that I’ve learned in ministry.

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

No, it’s not scripture, but I believe it’s true nonetheless. Let me explain.

Not only does the average person not evaluate where they’ve been, they don’t take the time to decide where they want to go next either. That’s a terrible place to be in ministry . . . doomed to repeat the same frustrations and mistakes over and over.

For you and I to grow in the next 12 months there are some things that we need to change, learn, read, pray through, step up to, and find the courage to face.

What are those things for you?

As you look forward to this point next year, do you want to be the worship leader who looks back on the last 12 months and realizes you’re still dealing with the same challenges?

Or do you want to be the worship leader who looks back and sees that you have:

  • Taken your spiritual life, family and friendships to a new level?
  • Become less stressed and more creative in your worship planning process?
  • Increased the number of volunteers on your team by 50%, 75%, or even 100%?
  • Doubled your effectiveness, getting more done and giving you more time for family, time off and advance planning?
  • Challenged your team members to a deeper level of commitment to Christ, the church and their serving roles on Sunday?

I’ll take Option #2!

And I would like to help you do the same through my new Worship Pastor Tele-Coaching network, which begins in just 10 days on Friday, October 11.

This is my last Tele-Coaching network for the year, and I would like to invite you to be a part of this fun, practical, and ministry-defining coaching opportunity.

Listen to what one Worship Pastor recently said about his time in the Coaching Network:

You will benefit greatly from this coaching opportunity. You will get more than you can possibly digest in the first year and will be applying it and reflecting on it for many years to come! Jason has a unique way of communicating with worship leaders with clarity, humility, and depth! He is a joy to listen to and I am indebted to Jason’s leadership. There are principles that I have learned in this setting that will forever inform and impact our ministry.”  – Mark, Lakewood, WA

In the coaching network we will take the 7 Challenges that I teach in my resources, webinars, and free report and over the course of a year I will walk you through how to implement the most important elements of each of those systems including:

  • The Personal Challenge – How to develop personal leadership growth habits that help you lead yourself and your team at an optimum level
  • The Pastor Challenge – How to achieve clarity and a develop a strong working relationship with your pastor
  • The Planning Challenge – How to plan your services months in advance, and create more impactful services than ever before.
  • The People Challenge – How to double your Worship Team volunteers and strengthen their commitment to the church through a proven audition system that leads to growth and health.
  • And much more!

In the network we take it step-by-step and I walk along side of you for a year helping you implement these systems and helping you grow in your leadership.

And the best part is you can try it absolutely RISK-FREE through the end of 2013.

As with anything in life that has value, there is an investment to be part of the network. It’s $247 per month which (when you add it all up) is about what you will pay to take 3-4 of your key team members to a worship conference next year by the time you pay registration, flight, hotel, and food.

Here’s the difference…

  • In the Coaching Network you get a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. If at any point prior to the 4th session of the network you decide it’s not for you, I will refund every dime you invested, PLUS you can keep any of the resources I’ve given away up until then. I’ve never gotten my money back from a conference that I didn’t like or wasn’t able to attend.
  • You get a FULL YEAR of hands on ministry training in the coaching network, not 3 days of crash course ideas with no path for implementation
  • In the network you receive over $1400 in free ministry and personal growth resources FREE. Try walking out of the resource center at the next big conference with that and see what they say.
  • PLUS – you receive an additional $813.00 in personal and ministry growth resources as soon as you are accepted!
  • NEW – Every member of the Worship Leader Tele-Coaching Network will receive a FREE one-year Membership in the Renegade Pastors Network (receive over $2,667.00 in resources and training from the Renegade Pastors Network every month)
  • In the network you receive an mp3 of every session, so even if you miss one, you have all of the content.

You will complete the network with a personal library of over 100 hours worth of worship ministry leadership resources and personal development insights.

I have a degree in Sacred Music, and I can guarantee you that what you will learn in this network is the ‘practical, will work tomorrow’ stuff they don’t teach in college or seminary!

I hope you will be a part of this new Tele-Coaching network, but you MUST APPLY SOON.

The network is nearly full and I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity.

To apply, simply go to and complete the online application. Or you can download an application from there and email or fax it in.

It’s that simple!

Your partner in ministry,


PS – My new Tele-Coaching network begins in just 10 days . . . now is the time to apply. I hope you will be a part of the upcoming Network.

To learn more, view worship leader testimonies and apply today, visit
Jason Hatley
Pastor of Worship Arts
The Journey Church

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