3 Ways to Step-up Your Sunday Focus Time, Part 2

Every worship leader has them. But not every worship leader knows how to use them wisely.

I’m talking about the precious moments you have as the “leader” of your team each Sunday.  After all of the set-up and sound checks are finished your Team pulls together for a time of prayer.

These moments are important not only because we will ask God to bless our services, but because for a few minutes you have the opportunity to invest in the leadership and growth of your team members.  These moments are a vital part of your Leadership, and that’s why recently I started this 3-part series about how you can make the most of them every week!

Last time, I talked about the importance of taking time to Celebrate in your Focus Time each week (Focus Time is what we call this time of prayer and investment @ The Journey).  And today, we look at the second way to step up your Focus Time me each week:


I’ve been blessed to lead healthy and thriving worship teams at The Journey.  Sure, we’ve had our rough spots, but by and large our team is extremely healthy.

Having grown and lead a team of over 200 Worship Arts Team volunteers, I’m often asked, “How do you ensure that such a large team is focused, growing spiritually, actively engaged in serving, not gossiping or envious, and all-around happy and healthy?”

One of the BIG reasons is because we know what we VALUE as a team, and we communicate (and fight for) those values regularly… including during our Sunday focus time.

Let me explain…

Your team values determine the team that you lead.

The reason is simple: Whatever you value, becomes the expectations you have for your team.  If you value time, you will insist that your team members be punctual and well-prepared.  If you value worship as a way of life, you will expect your team members to attend on Sundays, join a group and grow in their faith.  Your values determine your expectations.

The problem is… unless you know your values AND communicate your values, your team won’t know what’s expected, and you will always be frustrated that things aren’t going the way you had hoped.

That’s why you need to communicate your Team Values regularly.  Or as Bill Hybels says, “Put heat on your values.”

In Hybels’ excellent ministry leadership book, Axiom, he says of values, “Whatever the value, if it’s alive and well in a local church today, it’s not by accident. It’s only there because of intentional, committed, dedicated effort.”

So what does this have to do with your Sunday Focus Time?  More than you think!

You need an avenue to communicate the values of your team in an ongoing way… even weekly!  And when do you have the undivided attention of your team each week?  You guessed it… in your Sunday Focus Time.  That’s why every Sunday I highlight one of our team values (Honor God, Excellence in Everything, Servant Leadership, etc.).

For example, this past Sunday was a BIG day in our church.  So in the weeks leading up to the big day, I raised the value of sharing Christ with, praying for and inviting your friends to church. By spending a few minutes encouraging them to pray for and invite their friends, I was helping them not just be world-class musicians, but world-class Christians!

Listen – If you want to see your team fully commit themselves to the ministry ideals that you hold dear, you have to communicate those values and call your team to fully embrace them.

Now – Back to the question I mentioned earlier… about how we’ve been able to maintain such a large and healthy worship team for so many years… A BIG reason why is because we know what we value, and we communicate those values regularly, so that our team understands the expectations of serving on our team.

How about you?  Have you taken time to write down your values?  Are you communicating them to your team regularly (even weekly)?

Here are 3 steps you can take this week:

#1 – Determine your Team Values. What are the things that matter most to your team? Check out the PS below for a resource to help you with this!

#2 – Write down your Team Values. If they aren’t written down how can you communicate them?

#3 – Start communicating your Team Values (one per week) this Sunday. If you don’t communicate them, how can you expect your team to embrace and live up to them?

Next week we’ll talk about the third element you should include in your focus time.  But for now, work on communicating one value this Sunday to your team. It’s a little thing that will start making a BIG difference in your team!

Your partner in ministry,signature


PS – Defining, Communicating and Creating accountability around your Team Values is the KEY to leading a healthy Worship Team.

And in the Leading with Authority in Rehearsal I will teach you a 4-step process to do just that. This process can radically transform an unhealthy team culture and bring back the joy of serving alongside team members that are committed to Christ, the Church and your vision for Ministry!

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