3 Ways to Step-up Your Sunday Focus Time

You know the moment on Sunday that I’m talking about. 

After all of the set-up, sound checks, ramp-ups and run-thru’s are finished, your Team pulls together each Sunday to catch their breath and commit the upcoming service to God in a time of prayer. 

It’s some of the most important time that you and your team have on Sunday morning.  Not only because it’s the time where we admit our total dependence on God to work in the service (we only teach and play the music; God is the one who changes lives), but because for a few minutes we have our key team members together.  They look to us not only to lead them in prayer, but to lead them.  To inspire, encourage, challenge and “fire-up” for the service ahead.

Believe it or not, these are not only some of your most important minutes on Sunday. They are some of the most important minutes you have all week! 

What will you say?  How will you “lead” them in these crucial moments. 

If you’re like the average worship leader, you will probably think about it about 30 seconds before it happens, and it will probably feel a little “stale” or “scattered” because of that.  But (as you’ve come to expect from me and Worship Leader Insights), we don’t want to be average.  Especially in these important moments that we have to stand before our team and invest in them eachSunday. 

While prayer is the common thread every week, this can be (should be) more than just prayer time… it’s a time to help your team focus and prepare for the service ahead. And to deepen their commitment to the church and the team. 

That’s why every week you want to develop a plan for this special “Focus Time” (that’s what we call this 10 minutes of prayer and preparation).  There are 3 elements that you should include each week to inspire and encourage your team.  And today we’ll cover the first one… 


Think about it… it’s been a busy morning so far.  If your Sunday morning is anything like mine, your team has been engaged in set-up and soundchecks for the past couple hours.  You’ve had fun, but it’s been business as usual getting everything just right for the service ahead. 

Now that it’s done, it’s your opportunity to help your team turn from the work of preparation to worship and celebration. 

Every Sunday at the beginning of your Focus Time take time to celebrate. It can be as simple as giving everyone a pat on the back for a good set-up and sound check. Or singing Happy Birthday to someone with a recent birthday. This past Sunday I brought a copy of the brand new Third Day album and gave it away to the person with the most recent birthday. The whole team cheered as one of our team members received the gift.

One of my favorite things to celebrate is a new team member’s first Sunday serving.  At the beginning of Focus Time I introduce them and the whole team claps and cheers for them.  It’s a great example of hospitality and of a team that’s excited to welcome new people. 

The way you begin something determines how you will end it.  And because your worship services are a celebration of all that God is doing in your church, make sure your Focus Time  starts as a celebration as well. 

Next week we’ll talk about the second element you should include in your focus time.  But for now, develop a plan for what you will celebrate this Sunday with your team.  It’s amazing the kind of energy and passion that your team will have for the service afterward

Your partner in ministry, 


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