3 Ways to Step-up Your Sunday Focus Time, Part 3

A few years ago I had the opportunity to attend a 3-Day story-writing seminar taught by legendary Hollywood screenwriter and professor Robert McKee.

During the 14-hour a day, 3-day seminar McKee said something that resonated with me then and still does today, especially when it comes to leading our Worship Teams.

He said, “Storytelling is the most natural form of human communication.”

Think about that… if you want to communicate an idea or principle to a member of your team and you want them to remember it, tell them a story about it!

For the last few weeks we’ve been talking about how you can step up your Sunday Focus time… those golden moments you have with your team on Sunday morning to pray with them and make a personal (leadership) investment.  And today, as we conclude this series, we’re going to talk about one of the most important ways that you and I encourage (and teach) our teams each week.


Every week — in your church and mine — God is transforming lives. Marriages are repaired. Forgiveness is offered. People decide to follow Christ.  As pastors and worship leaders, we share these stories of life-change with each other in Monday morning staff meetings and celebrate them during the week.

But for the members of our Worship Arts Teams… they don’t hear these important stories. That is unless we tell them.

Ask any member of your Worship Arts Team why they show up early, work hard, practice for hours, and go home tired at the end of Sunday, and they’ll be quick to tell you it’s because they want God to use them to change people’s lives.  But when the service ends and their gear is packed away, oftentimes the only measure they have of how successful the service had been is how they did during the worship set.  They saw people raise their hands and sing, but they didn’t see the life-change that was taking place in their hearts.

One of the BEST ways to encourage your team members each week is to share with them a story of how God is working in your church.  And more specifically, how God used them and the song they played, or the lighting cue they called to create the environment where someone’s life was changed.

Recently we had a BIG day at The Journey.  The kick-off of our GOD ON FILM teaching series across all of our Journey locations.  It was a great day, and there were A LOT of significant spiritual steps taken.  So this past Sunday, I wanted to make sure that I carved out some time to share with our team all that God has used them to do the previous Sunday.

In fact — on the back of our Worship Order every week is a box that includes our Memory verse for the week, a prayer focus, and either a Core Value (remember those from last week’s article) or a Story from last week’s service (see below for an example from our South Florida campus).

So, during our Focus Time this past Sunday I took a few minutes to share all of the good things God had done in our church, and reminded our team that God is using THEM as a part of his redemptive plan for the people of our city.You know — there’s something about hearing how God is using you that makes you forget you got up early, worked hard, practiced for hours and went home tired.  There’s something about “partnering with God” that lifts your spirit and gives you the energy and desire needed to keep using your gifts to serve the church.

So, this week as you prepare for your Sunday focus time, think about how you can:

#1 – Celebrate – whether it’s singing happy birthday or welcoming new team members, find a way to celebrate this Sunday.

#2 – Raise a Team Value – remember, you have to communicate your values if you expect your team to exemplify them.#3 – Tell a Story of Life Change – in 30 seconds you can inspire and encourage your team to keep giving their best because God is using them!

And if these 3 leadership investments are helping you and your team during your focus time, I’d love to hear your story.  Just email them to me at [email protected].
Your partner in ministry,
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