Three “Must Do’s” for Your 2015 Ministry Calendar

2015 is not even 2 weeks old and chances are your ministry calendar is already filling up!

Planning Meetings… Rehearsals… Mission Trips… Mid-week [insert your commitments here].

Faster than you realize, ministry “life as we know it” happens!

And if your calendar for 2015 isn’t planned, then 2015 will be a year of reacting to the demands of the day and playing catch up. Not the place to be if you want to make a difference for God’s Kingdom this year.

So, to help you plan your year before your year plans you, let me encourage you to break out your calendar and plan your entire ministry year (and personal life) for 2015.

Here are the TOP 3 appointments for your calendar this year:

#1 – YOU!  – That’s right… The first thing you need to schedule for 2015 is time for you. If you don’t make your own spiritual and personal growth a priority this year, then no one else will.   On your calendar schedule your personal devotion time each morning. It’s OK… it doesn’t make it less spiritual to put it on your calendar. But putting it on your calendar will be a year-long reminder that you shouldn’t start your day at work until you’ve started your day with God.

And while you’re at it, go ahead and schedule all 52 of your Sabbath’s this year.   After personally coaching hundreds of worship leaders I can say without a doubt that worship leaders and pastors are generally pretty terrible at keeping the fourth commandment. So remember the Sabbath, keep it holy, and put it on your calendar today.

#2 – YOUR SPOUSE AND FAMILY – In order to fulfill our ministries at church we have to fulfill our family responsibilities at home (1 Timothy 3:4-5). And that begins by putting your important family goals and commitments on your calendar.   My advice — Put your vacation dates on the calendar NOW!  Not at the end of the year when you are spiritually and emotionally depleted. Make time away part of your plan to stay fresh and committed to your family and church this year. And don’t forget date night.  Your spouse will thank you for it!

#3 – YOUR MINISTRY – Now that you and your family are on your calendar, it’s time to fill it with all of the ministry opportunities that 2015 has to offer.

Here’s a short list of what’s on my ministry calendar this year: Big Days, Important Holidays, Monthly Evaluation, Conferences, Audition Days, Worship Team Training Days, New Season Kickoff’s, Baptisms, Spiritual Growth Classes I help teach… you get the picture.

You need a clear picture of what 2015 has in store, and the process of sorting it all out can be overwhelming… especially if you don’t have a clear worship ministry calendar.

That’s why last week I took the entire Worship Leader Gold network through a 90-minute “calendar in hand, let’s walk through this together” training session on how to plan their 2015 Personal and Ministry Calendars.

It was a powerful time of prayer and preparation. And I’d love to do the same for you!

So between now and Wednesday, February 4, when you join my Worship Leader Gold network, you will receive this powerful talk on planning your 2015 Calendar, as well as a bonus session on how to effectively wrap-up (i.e. learn the lessons of) 2014.

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The investment of the Worship Leader Gold Network is less than many worship leaders spend on their monthly Planning Center Subscription. And with Worship Leader Gold you will receive over $2,072.00 in resources and training EVERY month.

I’ve included the complete details in the P.S. below. I hope you’ll allow me to come alongside of you as coach, mentor and friend to help you make 2015 the best year of ministry ever!

Your partner in ministry,