Three Ways to Show You Care at Rehearsal this Week

Every week you have an opportunity to invest in your team and show them you care at your weekly rehearsal.

Yet too many times we let the constraint of time and the demands of music override our pastoral position in the rehearsal room.

Remember: You are a pastor first and a musician second.

And rehearsal can be an important time of encouraging and ministering to your team members… of reminding them that we care more about them than what they can do for us.

Rehearsal is a “built-in” opportunity for you to invest in your team members every week… IF you know how to make the most of the opportunity.

So, to help you make this week’s (and every week’s) rehearsal more than just music, here are three things you can do to show you care for your Worship Team members:


Everyone likes to be prayed for (even those who won’t admit it). It’s powerful and moving to hear someone speak your name to God in prayer. And while you no doubt start your rehearsals with prayer, taking some time this week just to pray for each individual in your rehearsal by name will not only make them feel cared for, it will deepen your concern for them beyond the rehearsal room as well.

Every week at rehearsal you should take a few minutes to teach a vision, value or lesson.

This doesn’t need to be 20 minutes — after all you’re there to rehearse. But taking 5 minutes to cast vision for your team, share a core value of your team, or teach a spiritual growth lesson will have a lasting impact long after the final word is sung that night.

While this isn’t quite as “spiritual” as #1 and #2, arriving on time and completely prepared every week shows your team that you value them, their time and their gifts. Remember –  whatever you demonstrate in your own life you will get in return from your team.

If you’re late it says, “You are not important.” If you’re unprepared it says, “I don’t value you or our worship services.”  

But if you’re on time and fully prepared, your team will feel valued and follow your lead in preparation and punctuality.

This week at rehearsal, don’t just “run the songs” and hurry home. Make an investment in the people that God has given you the privilege of shepherding.

As my friend Rick Muchow says, “More than music, we’re a family.”  This week, show some love to the important people in the rehearsal room.