Your Goal for Easter?

What is the goal for your Worship Arts Team this Easter Sunday?

It’s a bit of a trick question, I know, but just go with me on this.

The truth is there are a lot of goals – quality sound, excellent musicianship, passionate volunteers, not forgetting the lyrics (am I the only one with this goal?) … You get the picture.

These are all good, but I’m asking what’s the BIG GOAL?

We all know the answer. . . Life Transformation.

As much as we want to see all of these other things, and they do go hand-in-hand, the ultimate goal this Easter Sunday for your Worship Arts Team and mine is Life Transformation. People’s lives radically transformed through the power of Jesus’ resurrection.

But how? Read more

Ready for Easter? Read this before you answer!

They say “The Devil is in the Details” and nowhere is that more true than in preparing for your Easter service.

He (the devil) would like nothing better than to minimize the impact of your church this Easter, and one of the simplest ways he does it is through overlooked opportunities and missed details.

As you’ve no doubt heard me say before . . . when it comes to our worship services, the details matter!

Harvey Mackay says, “The little things don’t mean a lot. They mean everything!” And Charles Swindoll says, “The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”

As worship leaders, part of our role in preparing for Easter (or any worship service for that matter) is to pay attention to the details and don’t allow little things to become big things.

So today, I want to share with you a very personal 7 point check-list. You’ve heard me talk about the power of a check-list in the past. I love check-lists because they help you account for all the details and not miss even the smallest things when it comes to your worship services. Read more

Lessons from “Engage” – How to Make the Pastor / Worship Pastor Relationship Succeed

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I have been teaming up with Nelson Searcy (Lead Pastor at The Journey) this week to bring you 4 BIG worship planning principles from our new book, Engage: A Guide to Creating Life-Transforming Worship Services.

Today’s topic is one that Nelson and I believe is the most important lesson for every pastor and worship pastor . . . The Pastor / Worship Pastor Relationship.This weekend, in churches across America, teaching pastors and worship pastors will each stand in front of rooms full of churchgoers and… take turns doing their own thing.

If the songs the worship pastor has chosen for the day happen to be along the same thematic lines as the message the teaching pastor is preaching, the two pastors will high five after the service and revel in how powerfully the Holy Spirit moved.

If the teaching pastor preaches on something diametrically opposed to the songs the worship pastor leads the congregation in, they will mark it up to God’s indiscernible will and hope for better the next week.

In most cases, these pastors will lock the church doors and head to Sunday lunch having no idea that their relationship with one another is key to being able to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in planning cohesive, impacting worship services.The nature of the pastor/worship pastor relationship is complex, to say the least.

On the one hand, it is the most important relationship that exists on your church staff. Your respective areas comprise the two halves of an important whole. You share the stage, the message and the creative elements of the service. You are both integral to creating a welcoming, engaging environment that will lead to Radically Transformed Lives.

While this relationship is the most critical relationship that exists in the church, it is also the relationship that carries the most potential for tension and stress. Small issues can easily go unaddressed. Misunderstandings fester. Expectations are not always met. Frustrations rise… and the relationship becomes strained.

Over the years, both Nelson and I have had many pastors and worship pastors tell us, “My relationship with my [pastor/worship pastor] may not be great, but we manage. It doesn’t affect what we do on Sundays.”

I hate to shatter your illusion, but relational problems between the pastor and the worship pastor always affect the church’s worship services. If the relationship is wounded, the people in the seats will notice some limping. Good or bad, the details of this relationship play themselves out in our worship planning.

And since effective worship planning is the key to being able to conduct life-transforming worship services, the results can be devastating – on an eternal scale. When the pastor/worship pastor relationship is ineffective, the church misses out on its full redemptive potential.

When miscommunication, confusion, frustration and unmet expectations are chipping away at the base, it is going to suffer some damage. If the base is damaged, the tip isn’t quite so glorious. So if we ever hope to have God-filled, life-transforming worship services week-to-week, we have to get this relationship straightened out, once and for all; we have to work together!


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Lessons from “Engage” – How to Inspire Your Congregation to Action

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What happens in your services is of no use to your people if they don’t walk away with a clear understanding of how to incorporate the teaching and worship into their lives.

That’s why it is so important to begin your worship planning with the end in mind. At The Journey, we do this by asking and prayerfully answering these three questions in the early stages of our planning for each service:

  1. What do we want people to know when they leave?
  2. What do we want people to feel when they leave?
  3. What do we want people to do when they leave?

What do you want people to have learned when you are finished? What do you want them to be feeling? And, most importantly, what action steps do you want them to take to integrate the themes of the service into their lives?

Thinking through the “Know, Feel, Do” as you craft your worship services is the best way to define where you are going and get there more effectively. If you don’t answer these questions in advance, you run the very real risk of wasting both your time and your congregation’s.

Let’s take a look at how the “Know, Feel, Do” plays out in practicality. Say, for example, I was planning a message on generosity. At the outset of my planning, we would start thinking through the “Know, Feel, Do” questions in relation to generosity.

We may decide that the big theme for the day will be: “Your life will ultimately be defined by one of two ‘G’ words – Greed (closed-handed living) or Generosity (open-handed living.)” That’s what we want my people to know.

Then, we want them to feel the power of generosity, so we’ll think through how to invoke that feeling. But, keep in mind, the feeling is only important if it motivates them to take an action. So, ultimately, we are concerned with the “Do.” We want them to be motivated to actually give.

We want them to give of their time through serving or give of their money to our giving campaign or to the needy in our city. We want them to take an action step that connects what they’re hearing with how they live when they step outside the church doors.

Never end a service without giving people specific next steps they can take in response to God’s teaching. Scripture is clear on this point: “But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves” (James 1:22).

We don’t have a lack of knowledge in American churches. We don’t even have a lack of experience or feeling. What we have a lack of is action. People simply don’t do what the Bible says they should do.

By asking the “Know, Feel, Do” questions as you plan your worship, you can help your people know what God wants them to know and feel what God wants them to feel, with the ultimate goal of helping them do what God wants them to do. Otherwise, we are only helping them fool themselves.


PS – Are registered for my new Worship Leader Tele-Coaching Network that begins April 20. In the tele-coaching network you will receive monthly hands-on coaching from me, including over four hours of training on how to establish the worship planning systems we talk about in Engage in your church.

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How to Break the Sunday-to-Sunday Mentality

I’m teaming up with Nelson Searcy (Lead Pastor of The Journey) this month to bring you FOUR BIG worship planning principles from our new book, Engage: A Guide to Creating Life-Transforming Worship Services.  These principles can help you relieve the stress of weekly worship planning and maximize your worship services every Sunday.This series of posts is for BOTH Pastors and Worship Pastors (after all . . . we’re in this together) so be sure to share this with your pastor / worship pastor.  Let’s get started today with what we consider to be the #1 enemy to effective worship planning . . . The Sunday-to Sunday Mentality.

There’s a fine line between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. If you’ve been a teaching or worship pastor long, you know exactly what I mean. You spend all week planning, preparing and praying for your Sunday services and then, when they’re over, you barely have a minute to breathe before it’s time to start planning, preparing and praying for the next week’s services.

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Sunday comes along with amazing regularity. Each time it gets here, you are expected to have biblical yet original material prepared for your attenders – something that will resonate with them and send them back into the world better than when they walked through your doors. You can’t preach the same message you preached the week before; you can’t sing the same worship songs. The people sitting in front of you will be hungry for something fresh and new.With the tapestry of this pressure hanging over your shoulders, it’s easy to fall into the trap of a Sunday-to-Sunday mentality. That is, to feel like you are always just trying to get through the next Sunday, then the next Sunday after that, then the next Sunday after that… constantly behind the eight ball and making it up as you go every week. Can you relate?Here’s some good news: You don’t have to live and die by the weekly grind. You can break the week-to-week mentality that sabotages so many well-intentioned teaching and worship pastors. By putting a strong, biblically sound worship planning system in place, you will be able to maximize not only this Sunday, but every single “next Sunday” to come.

The key to getting out of the tailspin and cooperating with God to do church at a higher level can be summed up in one word: planning.Over the course of the new few weeks, we’re going to talk a lot about worship planning. But unless you decide to break the Sunday-to-Sunday mentality, you will never be able to plan your worship services effectively in advance.  Sure you may get excited about some of the ideas, try them and even see some immediate success.  But without a change in mindset, new excitement soon returns to old habit.

So as we start this series of posts on worship planning, here’s what I want you to do.  Pray and ask God to give you His insight into planning.  Break the cycle of Sunday-to-Sunday thinking and start asking right now, “What can we do to communicate the timeless truths of God’s word to our church next Sunday?”


PS – The best way to break the Sunday-to-Sunday mentality is to join my new Worship Leader Tele-Coaching Network starting March 16.  In the tele-coaching network you will receive monthly hands-on coaching directly from me, including over four hours of training on how to establish the worship planning systems we talk about in Engage in your church.

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“I would not be exaggerating to say that in my case this network has been life/ministry transforming. In this past year the Worship arts Department has grown more than in the last 7 years combined. This network really helped to de-stress my life and increase my effectiveness as the Worship Pastor.” – Bode Abodunde, World Harvest Christian Center, Pennsauken, NJ

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Three Actions of a Growing Worship Leader, Part 2

Jason Hatley

Who’s in your circle?

I’m not really talking about your Google+ account. This question cuts a little deeper than that 🙂

I’m talking about the 5 or so people that are the most influential people in your life. They are the people that are currently speaking into your life (good or bad) and are, in many ways, helping to shape who you are today.

Why does this matter?

Well let me rewind quickly to lay the foundation. . . Read more

The Top 3 Worship Leader Goals for 2012

As the New Year has begun have you started writing your goals for 2012? I hope so!

You see – I believe that God is honored when we take time to set goals for oursevles, our families and our ministries. Clear, God-honoring goals will help you and I both make a greater Kingdom impact in 2012.

In fact, I believe that the pastors and worship leaders who are making the greatest impact are the ones who are clear about what God has called them to, and are continuing to dream new dreams for Him.

So what dreams do you have for this New Year? What do you hope to see God do in you and through you?

Read more

Learn from the Best (and Worst) of 2011

Last week I shared with you about a powerful year-end evaluation process that can help you wrap up 2011 and prepare you for all that God has in store in 2012.

Effectively evaluating this year before you start the next can help ensure that none of the lessons of 2011 are lost, and none of the mistakes are repeated in 2012. Like any good worship service this year is not over until it’s been properly evaluated and debriefed.

Take it from me . . . I’ve tried it both ways.

In the early days of ministry, I approached the end of the year without thinking about how I could learn from it, and tried to seamlessly go on to the next year without missing a beat.

The problem was Read more

Three Questions to Help You Wrap Up 2011

With the end of 2011 just days away, many pastors and worship leaders are already turning the calendar in their minds to 2012. Good idea, right?


Let me explain . . . There’s nothing wrong with looking ahead, but the problem is that many may be forgetting one of the most important year-end rituals — wrapping up this year before you move on to the next. That’s right . . . like any good worship service it’s not over until it’s been properly evaluated and debriefed.

One of the things that I do each year is a year-end evaluation. It’s an incredibly powerful process and I want to share part of it with you today.

You see there is a leadership principle that far too many people practice these days — the Principle of Reflection.

John Maxwell says that, “The greatest enemy of good thinking is busyness.” That’s certainly true this time of year. We become so busy moving on that we neglect to take time to think, reflect, and evaluate how things went this year, and what can learn from that to make next year better.

So as we head down the homestretch of 2011, I want to share with you a few of the questions that I use to reflect on this year.

There are about 16 questions in all, and in my coaching networks this past week I shared almost every one and took each of the worship pastors in the network through this process of year-end review.

I don’t have time to do that here, so over the course of the next few weeks I’m going to share with you three of these questions to get you started.

But first, let me tell you why this is important to you specifically.

First of all, it will remind you of what God has done in my life this year. Like the Israelites, you and I need to be reminded of all that God has done for us so we can be grateful and remain faithful.

It will also give you a clear picture of where you are and how far you’ve come in the last year. How did you do at overcoming your biggest challenges this past year, and how is God growing you?

One of the great tragedies of life would be to reach the end of a year, look back and realize you are the same person today that you were a year ago. A year wasted, fighting the same battles, dealing with the same struggles. Like Sisyphus, the king from Greek mythology who was punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll down again, and to repeat this for eternity.

That’s not what you want, not what I want, and certainly not what God wants.

So, before this year is over, let’s see what we can learn from it. Here’s the first question . . .

#1 – What are my current responsibilities at the church at the end of this year? (Be as specific as possible)

At first glance, this may look like either an unimportant question, or one that you already know the answer to, but stick with me a minute here.

If you had 10 minutes right now, could you write down on paper everything that you do to serve your church and lead your ministry? Not “broad job titles” but specifics. Most of us haven’t thought about this since we were first hired and given a job description.

But if your ministry is anything like mine, your role has changed. In fact it’s constantly changing. Responsibilities you once had have been given to someone else. You have new responsibilities and projects to lead.

If you don’t take (at least) an annual account of exactly what you do . . . and I mean exactly . . . then you will never be able to:

• Raise up other leaders to take over your least important tasks so you can do what’s most crucial and only you can do.

• Know exactly what you’re responsible for.

• Be able to have accountability in your ministry, either between you and your pastor, or you and your volunteer leaders and staff.

The list I made when I did my year-end review last week was nearly 2 pages long. I bet yours is, too. So . . . just exactly what is it that you’re on staff at your church to do . . . and are you doing it?

Make a list and consider that question. By doing so you will start 2012 with more clarity and understanding of how to make the biggest contribution to the kingdom, and not just float through another year.

Next week we’ll cover the second question. Until then . . . you’ve got work to do 🙂

Your partner in ministry,


PS – You heard me mention above how I lead my coaching network through each aspect of this review earlier this week? That’s exactly the one-on-one coaching that I would love to give to you and your ministry in 2012.

My new coaching network begins in March, and it will fill up. So if you’re looking for an opportunity to take yourself and your worship ministry to the next level in 2012, I would ask you to prayerfully consider this network. Now is the perfect time to apply because the Super Early Bird deadline is coming up quick (December 31st).

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Here’s a powerful question for you: What could you do over the next year that would dramatically impact the development of your worship ministry and your personal growth as a leader more than this network?

Imagine for a moment, what if …

  • Your worship team could double over the next year and so could your personal effectiveness?
  • You could consistently get everything done at the office, manage your staff and volunteers well, see consistent growth in excellence and still get home on time for dinner and family fun each night?
  • You could develop personal leadership growth habits that help you lead yourself and your team at an optimum level?
  • You could achieve greater clarity and a stronger working relationship with your pastor?
  • You were able to work with your pastor to plan your services months in advance, and create more impactful services than ever before, while reducing the stress of Sunday?

What would your life and church look like one year from now if your worship team and effectiveness grew by 50%? I can’t promise these results but I can say that they are typical of results I’ve seen in the nearly 200 worship pastors who have completed my coaching process over the last 5 years.

I’m not teaching you theory or stuff that I’ve only read about. I’m coaching you as a fellow worship pastor and practitioner who is in the trenches day after day leading a growing worship ministry. In addition, the coaching process that I will lead you through is a proven process that has been effective with nearly 200 churches who have been through this coaching process, and hundreds more who have taken part in my one-day seminars.

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Instead of you flying to our office in New York City for an ‘in person’ coaching network, you will participate in this coaching network via your telephone and your computer.

Think about it, you will experience the same network experience that others have experienced while SAVING THOUSANDS of dollars in travel costs and SAVING DOZENS OF HOURS on cross-country flights.


The short answer . . . I will share every worship ministry and personal development principle I know and give you every resource I’ve developed to help you implement each principle.

Don’t worry, it will not be overwhelming . . . everything will be delivered in a manageable bits over the course of the year.

All that said, here’s the ‘official list’ of all that you receive:

  •     Monthly hands-on coaching from me.
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  •     Private “call-in” times with me to have your specific questions answered in more detail.
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Plus much, much more . . .

As you can see, just the tangible benefits you will receive as part of this network will far out-weigh your monthly financial investment.

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Each phone call is 90-minutes long and we will meet monthly for one year. This is a big commitment but I want to make sure that we fully cover all 7 of the Worship Leader Challenges and I’ve outlined in my resources.

You will complete the network with a personal library worth of worship ministry leadership materials and personal development insights.

I have a degree in Sacred Music, and I can guarantee you that what you will learn in this network is the ‘practical, will work tomorrow’ stuff they don’t teach in college or seminary!


We will cover each of my Seven Challenges of a Worship Pastor plus issues related to personal development, time management and more. As a reminder, the seven challenges are:

* The Personal Challenge – How to develop personal leadership growth habits that help you lead yourself and your team at an optimum level

* The Pastor Challenge – How to achieve clarity and a develop a strong working relationship with your pastor

* The Planning Challenge – How to plan your services months in advance, and create more impactful services than ever before.

* The People Challenge – How to double your Worship Team volunteers and strengthen their commitment to the church through a proven audition system that leads to growth and health.

* The Provision Challenge – How to invest wisely the resources spent on the Sunday service for now and the future, especially in a troubled economy

* The Professionalism Challenge – How to create a culture of excellence that brings the very best out of you and your volunteers

* The Production Challenge – How to ensure that every Sunday service is successfully planned for and executed, with nothing left to chance


Each tele-coaching call will be from 11:00am – 12:30pm Eastern Time. Literally, you could call in to the network from anywhere in the world. Cool, huh?

All the calls are on Fridays, which I’ve found to be the best day for most worship pastors, but I also understand that you may have to adjust your schedule..

Remember, each call is only two hours so even if you have to step out of a meeting or call in from home, it will not consume your entire day. Here are the dates:

  •     March 16, 2012
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  •     October, 12, 2012
  •     November 9, 2012
  •     December 14, 2012
  •     January 11, 2013
  •     February 8, 2013


I strongly encourage you to make every date a priority but I also know that ministry is messy and uncertain so I will record every session and you will receive the complete MP3′s of each session within a day or two of meeting. If you attend, the MP3 is for your library and for your review. If you are unable to attend, you will still be able to gain the full experience.


As I mentioned earlier, this network is not for everyone but if you choose to apply and you are accepted, I would like to offer you a no-hassle, no questions asked guarantee.

Here it is: I’m so confident that you will find this Network beneficial that any time prior to the fourth monthly meeting (June 15, 2012) you can call my office and tell me that this network isn’t benefiting your church or your leadership ability and I will refund everything you have invested, including any long distance costs you might have incurred. Plus, you can keep any of the resources, MP3s or seminar materials that you have received to date.

In other words, I want to remove any fear you might have in joining this network. You can try it for four months with absolutely NO RISK!


I have tried to keep the monthly investment in this network as low as possible. But remember, you are receiving thousands of dollars of resources, free passes to my seminars, email support and private consulting. At the same time, you are saving thousands of dollars in hotel, flight costs, rental car expenses, gas, etc.

That said, the monthly investment is $247 per month if your application is received by December 31 ($297 per month after December 31). Once you are accepted, your credit card will be charged for the first two months.

You’ll find that is about the same as taking 3 key team members to one of the major worship conferences this year (registration, travel, hotel, meals).

HOWEVER, with the Tele-Coaching network…

  • You get 12-months of hands on personal training with systems that ACTUALLY work in churches of all shapes and sizes
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  • Personalized Q&A call-in session to have all of your questions answered about what we disucss in each session
  • Plus much more!

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In addition to the monthly call, you will be assigned to read or listen to one of my resources plus another book (generally, a business book with clear application to ministry). While the network will stretch you to grow, study and read, it will not be overwhelming. I’ll help you prioritize so you can get the most from the network.

At the same time, there will be opportunities for you to share your ideas and learnings from the network plus you’ll be able to submit prayer requests and ask questions to me and everyone else in the network.


While I certainly can’t guarantee that our network will in any way produce the same fruit as previous networks, I can share what I’ve seen God do in the past! I’ve seen:

* Worship Leaders who were stuck in their leadership, break through to new levels of personal effectiveness

* Worship Teams double in a year

* Worship Leaders become so effective that they never miss a day off again

* Pastors write me letters thanking me for helping their worship leader

I could keep going but let me allow some of my coaching alumni pastors to share their results:

“Join this network! We all need to be growing in our leadership and there’s no better way to grow than to get into a network. Jason does a great job of identifying seven universal challenges that we all face. Once you are fully aware of these challenges and are armed with the tools that Jason gives you in the network to overcome them, you will begin to soar in your effectiveness as a Worship Pastor.”

– Mike Martindale, Westside Community Church Beaverton, OR

“I did not know what to expect from this network, but all I know is that after the very first session, I was inspired, motivated and mostly importantly, humbled.”

– Jean Sandoval, New Life Church Meriden, CT

“This is an excellent network for learning some great skills in implementing systems in your church. You are worth it; your church is worth it.”

– Archie Jackson, South Bay Church San Jose, CA

“I felt encouraged to grow in my weaker areas of my ministry. I didn’t feel beaten down; instead I was given systems that could help me in areas I have always struggled with in the past. Even my team could tell the difference!”

– Lisa Johnson, Valley Brook Community Church Granby, CT

“It’s worth every penny!”

– Dave Swanson, Calvary Fellowship West Hartford, CT

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God has given me a unique opportunity to serve in a church that is not only passionate about reaching and discipling people, but also returning what we have learned back to the kingdom so that other churches can do the same in their cities and towns.

In the last 10 years of my ministry here, I have been able to build systems for developing a thriving worship ministry that have worked not only here, but in churches all over the country. The reason I am doing this network is because I want to see you succeed in fulfilling your mission in the local church, and I believe with all my heart that this network can give you tools, insights, and systems to do exactly that.


In 2002, Jason Hatley helped launch The Journey Church in New York City, directing the programming of their worship services. He served as the Pastor of Worship Arts and has built from scratch The Journey’s worship arts team, a group of over 200 artists and technicians who develop and implement the creative and technical elements at weekly Sunday services.

Currently, Jason and his family live in Boca Raton, FL to serve as the Pastor of Worship Arts at The Journey’s newest location in South Florida.

The Journey has been recognized as one of Outreach Magazines fastest growing and most creative churches.

Jason has been a worship leader since 1996. He invests in Worship Pastors around the country through interactive coaching networks and worship planning resources. He has been a featured break-out speaker at the Willow Creek Arts Conference (2007-2009), The Purpose Drive Worship Conference (2003-2004), as well as seminars around the country. He has a B.M. in Sacred Music Performance from Appalachian State University.

Jason is the founder of, the author of nearly a dozen resources on Worship Leadership, including the BRAND NEW BOOKS Engage: A Guide to Creating Life-Transforming Worship Services and Revolve: A New Way to See Worship.


Please complete the application and return it to my office ASAP. I am reviewing applications right now and will try to review your application and let you know within two weeks, but please bear with me. We are receiving greater response to this network than any other network I’ve offered.

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Jason Hatley

Pastor of Worship Arts

The Journey Church

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