Does your worship order for Sunday have one of these? It should…

You have probably heard me say before…, “Don’t just sing songs . . . create moments!”

So, what is a “moment”?

Specifically, it’s a “moment of life transformation”. It’s more than just a good worship set or a good sermon. Moments are intentional ideas, creative expressions, or times during the service where people can connect with God and experience life transformation.

The great thing about moments is that they are in EVERY worship order. They’re just waiting to be discovered.

Unfortunately, too many times we don’t look for them or ways to maximize them every week, which is why your worship orders may be feeling stale right now.

If you want to utilize moments in your worship order and break free of the ho-hum feeling that you’re doing the same thing every week, then you need to know these two truths about creating moments…


Identifying and maximizing “moments” in your worship order is the the difference between a good service and a great service. Moments are that powerful.

They are experiences that people in your church remember as they go into their week. They can be found in the set-up or performance of a specific song that touches the heart. They can be in a life-change testimony, a creative prop for the message, a moving video element that catches your congregation by surprise, or a physical action that people will take during or after the service.


Sometimes a moment “just happens” in a service. But more likely than not, we *hope* that a moment will happen and it never does. We leave the service feeling like the music didn’t inspire or the message didn’t connect. And we *hope* to do better next Sunday.

It’s not that your congregation didn’t want to experience these moments of really connecting with and hearing from God. It’s just that you didn’t think through how to allow that moment to happen.

One of my favorite moments from a recent Journey service was on a Sunday that we taught about serving. And then at the end of the service, we challenged our congregation to form teams and take boxes of donuts to local firehouses and police stations to thank them for all they do. And they did it!

They delivered donuts and cards, took photos with the officers and posted them to our Facebook page. They talked with them, prayed for them and found significance on a Sunday afternoon that they would have missed if they were just sitting at home watching the game.

In that moment, something changed for them. It was a simple idea. But it reminded them that faith is more than believing… it’s acting. That while Jesus is Lord, he also took on the role of a servant, and so should we.

A moment like that doesn’t “just happen”. It has to be planned in advance. And the good news is… you can do it!

If this Sunday’s worship order looks like the last month of worship orders, invest some time with your Pastor today to identify and create a “moment” that will help your congregation connect with God and live out their faith in fresh new ways this week.

Your partner in ministry,