Make This Sunday Another Easter (here’s how…)

What an exciting week! God showed up in a BIG way at The Journey on Easter weekend and I hope the same is true for you.

And though Easter Sunday may have passed, I’ve been thinking this week . . . that doesn’t mean that this Sunday can’t be “Easter” all over again.

Let me explain. 

Over the past few weeks, did you notice anything different? Did you pray harder, plan more, communicate better, and lead stronger than normal?

Easter is such a BIG day that most of us would agree we are more focused, more prepared and more excited about Easter Sunday than almost any other.

And when Easter comes and goes we probably celebrate more than any other Sunday during the year! God shows up in BIG ways. The message and the music are ‘perfectly in tune’. People come to Christ. Our team feels like they have been a part of something special.

The Reason: Well, for starters it’s Easter.

But it’s also because you prayed, planned, prepared, communicated, led, and focused on that Sunday more than normal.

And who’s to say you can’t do it again this week, too!

You see . . . our goal should be to approach EVERY Sunday as if it’s Easter Sunday. We shouldn’t bring all of our creativity, resources and best plans to bare just once a year. We should do it every week. That’s the definition of excellence!

And that’s what our entire worship planning process is centered around here at The Journey.

We all know that Easter is special, and we can’t replicate the power of Easter as if it’s some chocolate bunny on the assembly line.

But we can replicate how we prepared for Easter. Don’t let Easter Sunday be the only time this year that you bring your best.

Here are 3 ways you can give this Sunday another “Easter effort”:

  1. Pray for this Sunday as if it’s the one Sunday out of the year that more people will give their lives to Christ than any other. Pray boldly and watch as God stretches your faith!
  2. Plan for this Sunday (and the next four Sundays) with the same focus and attention. If you can plan your music, transformational moments, and message with the same intensity, you’ll find your services will be more powerful and your stress level will be less palpable.
  3. Communicate with your pastor / worship pastor and planning team with the same careful attention to detail that you used to prepare for Easter Sunday. Clear communication is a key to making every Sunday a success!

Learn the lessons of Easter preparation and apply those principles to your service this week and you will find that the experience of “giving your best” doesn’t have to happen just once a year.
Your partner in ministry,




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