The “One Hour Early” Principle – Time Management for Pastors and Worship Leaders

What would you do with an extra hour today?  

That’s the question I posed last week as we began this 3-part series on how to best manage your time as a pastor and worship leader.

If you think about it, an extra hour today is the difference between…
…Going home at rest or going home stressed.

…Making it to your daughter’s basketball game, or making another excuse for why you couldn’t get away.

…Enjoying the work of ministry, or succumbing to the pressure of ministry.
An extra hour can make a BIG difference… wouldn’t you agree?

And that’s what today’s insight is all about how to gain an extra hour:
Time Management Principle #2:  THE “ONE HOUR EARLY” PRINCIPLE

We all woke up this morning with the same 24 hours.  Those who accomplish great things for God (and have a healthy ministry and personal life balance) don’t have any more hours in their day than anyone else.

They just know how to use the hours they have more effectively by getting started earlier.

Here’s how it works:
#1 – Wake up one hour earlier – Don’t sleep to the last minute and hit the snooze button five times.  Get up and get started on your day one hour earlier.  You’ll have extra time for your devotion, personal reading, and even get some planning or other important work done.

#2 – Go into the office one hour earlier – By going into work one hour earlier you avoid the morning rush (traffic, Starbucks, etc.) and you get an hour of uninterrupted, focused work done before anyone else arrives at the office.  You’ll be amazed how much you can accomplish in this hour!

#3 – Go to bed one hour earlier – OK, so this one isn’t popular with a lot people, but don’t stay up to watch Jimmy Fallon (no offense Jimmy!).  Too many pastors and worship leaders toil (or waste time) late into the night (the least effective hours of the day) rather than allowing their bodies to rest in anticipation of the day to come.
Simply put – the biggest obstacle to #1 and #2… is #3.  So call it a night, get some sleep, and get ready for the day ahead.

In Psalm 90:12, Moses writes: “Teach us to make the most of our time, so that we may grow in wisdom.”

That’s my prayer for you and me both today.  

So here’s the question: What will you do with the hours of your days this week?  

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Jason Hatley
Pastor of Worship Arts
The Journey Church