Two Questions to Make Your Service Better this Sunday

I just have a minute this morning, but wanted to share a quick leadership lesson I taught to a group of Top-Notch Pastors last week at an event I spoke at.

Here goes…

Question: Do you want your services to be better this week than they were last week?  

(I know… silly question).

Of course you do… we all want to see our services improve (i.e. better musically, better transitions, less distractions, more opportunity for life-transformation).

Here’s the thing:

The key to making THIS Sunday’s service better is to look at LAST Sunday’s service first.  At The Journey, we call this the Service Debrief.  Here’s what you do.

On Monday, meet with your Pastor to discuss the worship service for this Sunday, but before you talk about this Sunday, take 10-15 minutes to evaluate last Sunday by asking these Two Questions:

#1 – What went Right?
Make a list of all the things that went right on Sunday. Celebrate and thank God for all of these things!  Then ask…

#2 – What went Wrong?
Make a list of all the things that wrong on Sunday. Talk about why they went wrong. Was it lack of communication, poor planning, having the wrong person in a key position?  

Get clear on why it went wrong, and then assign someone to fix it this week so it doesn’t go wrong again.  Whether it’s broken gear or a bad attitude, one week is enough time to fix most problems.

By solving last Sunday’s problems before this Sunday, your service will improve 1% – 2%.  Do that every week and over the course of a year, your service will be 100% better!

It’s the principle of CANEI: Constant and Never-ending Improvement.  And it can dramatically improve your Sunday worship service!

Now… a question for you:

Are you debriefing your worship service every week?  If not, start today and make it a point to meet every week for a month. You’ll see the difference immediately. 

Your partner in ministry,

PS –  OK, you got me . . . There are actually four questions that we ask in our debrief meeting (Right, Wrong, Missing, Confusing). But I only had time for the top two today.  

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