Avoid these Top 3 Worship Planning Mistakes

I’ll shoot straight with you . . . I don’t like it when someone tells me that I’m making a mistake.

Call it foolish pride I suppose. Can you relate?

After all, no one’s perfect and I know I make mistakes (just ask my wife and she’ll tell you all about it :-).

But, usually after I get over my bruised ego and damaged pride and I realize that the person telling me about a mistake I’m making really has my best interest at heart, my grumblings are replaced with gratitude. After all, I’ve been in ministry long enough to know that I don’t know it all and I need people to help along the way.

What if I told you that you are making a BIG mistake in your worship planning that was keeping you from:

  •     Creating more powerful experiences in your weekly worship service
  •     Relieving some unnecessary (and unhealthy) stress in your ministry and personal life
  •     Involving more volunteers in the creative process for planning your services
  •     Developing the kind of worship planning relationship that you would like to have with your pastor

Even if you didn’t like me telling you that, after the initial shock wore off would you be willing to sit down with me to talk about these issues and some strategic lessons I’ve learned in a decade of ministry to overcome them?

That’s exactly what I would like to do on the FREE Top 3 Worship Planning Mistakes webinar coming up this Thursday, September 20 (and next Tuesday and Wednesday, too!).

Chances are I haven’t had the opportunity to attend your church, but after having coached over 200 churches, and taught and resourced thousands more in the last 6 years, I’ve found that there are 3 common mistakes in the worship planning process and that most churches are making at least one of them (if not all three).

Plus – I’ve made some of these same mistakes in the past, too (I told you I’m not perfect – ha!)

In this FREE 75-minute webinar, I want to help you not only identify these 3 mistakes, but I also want to give you some proven practices for how you can overcome them.

I know your time is valuable and I believe this webinar could be a HUGE help to your worship planning process. So what do you say . . . will you join me?

There are THREE DATES to choose from AND there are daytime and evening options. As you can see, I want to give you every opportunity to be a part of this free training:

THIS WEEK – Thursday, September 20 @ 2:00pm OR 7:00pm

We’re about 48-hours away from this one, so click here to register now –
Sign me up for Thursday, September 20 at 2:00pm or 7:00pm

OR . . .

NEXT WEEK – Tuesday, September 25 OR Wednesday, September 26 @ 2:00pm and 7:00pm

If you can’t arrange your schedule to join me this, then make plans to be a part of this webinar next Tuesday or Wednesday (daytime and evening options . . . 2:00pm and 7:00pm).

Sign me up for the Tuesday, September 25 or Wednesday, September 26 webinar at 2:00pm or 7:00pm

Here’s what I want to talk with you about in our time together:

  •     How to identify the TOP 3 MISTAKES that are keeping you from planning the worship services you want to have in your church.
  •     How to work together with your Pastor / Worship Leader to create powerful worship experiences every week.
  •     How to break the week-to-week mindset and begin creating “WOW” moments in worship
  •     The Paradigm Shift that will TRANSFORM how you plan worship services.
  •     How to overcome procrastination and eliminate the stress of last minute planning
  •     And much more!

It’s easy to be involved . . .

#1 – Register for the webinar that works best for your schedule by clicking on one of the links below. It will take about 30 seconds to complete the registration form on my website.

#2 – You will receive a confirmation email from me with a link to where the webinar will be hosted.

#3 – All you will need for the webinar is a computer. You will be on the webinar with a group of other Pastors and Worship Pastors from around the country. On this webinar, you will listen and be able to see my notes right from your computer screen. Pretty cool!

Oh . . . and by the way – The Top 3 Worship Planning Mistakes webinar is designed for both Worship Pastors and Sr. Pastors.

Space is limited so please, register today at the link below:


I hope to see you there!

Your partner in ministry,


PS – How do you know if this webinar is for you? Just take this quick quiz:

* Do you ever feel stress in planning your worship services?
* Do you struggle to plan worship services more than one week ahead?
* Do you feel like you are missing out on God’s best for your service because it comes together at the last minute?
* Do you ever feel under-prepared for Sunday?
* Do you feel like you would do a better job preparing for Sunday if you just had the time?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this webinar is for you!

Just click here to register today:  www.worshipleaderinsights.com/webinars/top3


PPS – My new Worship Pastor Tele-Coaching network begins in less than 30 days and I’ve heard from many of you that you missed out on the Early Bird Registration bonuses that expired last week.

Honestly . . . the worship leaders who join my Coaching Networks tell me that the real bonus is what they become during the network. I recently received this personal note from a worship leader who completed the network:

“I would not be exaggerating to say that in my case this network has been life/ministry transforming. In this past year the Worship arts Department has grown more than in the last 7 years combined. This network really helped to de-stress my life and increase my effectiveness as the Worship Pastor.”

I can’t tell you how humbled and grateful I felt to receive that note. Testimonies like this are EXACTLY why I am launching a brand new Tele-Coaching Network in less than 30 days. I simply love the RESULTS!

(Listen to other testimonies and apply online at www.worshipleaderinsights.com/coaching)

The network begins on Friday, October 12 and it’s filling up quickly. The coaching network is not right for everyone, but I would love to hold a spot for you if you have a high commitment to personal and ministry growth and are passionate about becoming all that God has called you to be in ministry.

You can join with a group of other top-notch worship leaders over the next 12 months for an accelerated course in personal and ministry growth in my new Coaching Network starting on Friday, October 12.

In the coaching network I will teach you the systems that we have developed here at The Journey Church and that are being used by thousands of churches nationwide. These systems will help you overcome:

The Personal Challenge – How to develop personal leadership growth habits that help you lead at an optimum level
The Pastor Challenge – How to give the Lead Pastor exactly what he needs from the Worship Pastor
The Planning Challenge – How to plan farther ahead than ever before, and create more impactful services than ever before.
The People Challenge – How to maximize the number of people serving on your worship arts team, AND how to lead your team at the next level
The Provision Challenge – How to make the most of the resources spent on the Sunday service for now and the future
The Professionalism Challenge – How to create an atmosphere of excellence for yourself and your volunteers
The Production Challenge – How to ensure that every Sunday service is successfully planned for and executed

I walk along side of you for a FULL YEAR helping you implement these systems and grow in your leadership. It’s all Step-by-step, and very nuts and bolts.

The Coaching Network is NOT about information . . . it’s about IMPLEMENTATION. We’re on the phone together, and you receive personalized input from me and others on how to create and lead these systems.

There is a monthly investment involved. But it’s less than what you would invest in taking a few key team members with you to a major conference this year.

And here’s the difference…

In the Coaching Network you get a FULL YEAR of hands on ministry training, not 3 days of crash course ideas with no path for implementation
In the Coaching Network you receive over $1419.00 in free ministry and personal growth resources FREE. Try walking out of the resource center at the next big conference with that and see what they say.
In the network you receive an mp3 of every session, so even if you miss one, you have all of the content.

You also receive:

A proven coaching process that leads to growth and health (with over 200 Coaching Alumni, I’ve seen these systems work in churches of all styles, sizes, types and denominations)
Unlimited email access to Jason Hatley and the Worship Leader insights (WLI) team
A monthly small group environment where everyone is focused on a Kingdom agenda
Free attendance at all WLI training events during your network
Private “call-in” times with me to have your specific questions answered in more detail.
The chance to grow and take your worship ministry to the next level
A private weekend meeting in sunny south Florida in November, exclusively for Tele-coaching participants complete with training and a behind the scenes look at a Journey service – a $1500 value!
Plus much, much more!

The network begins in just a few weeks, so you MUST apply quickly.

In these networks which I’ve done for 6 years now, I’ve seen worship leaders

more than double their worship teams over the course of the network
dramatically increase their personal effectiveness,
get more done in less time (i.e. go home to spend more time with family and friends)
plan their worship services months even a year in advance
overcome a major obstacle that was paralyzing them
get on the same page with the pastor, plan worship together and get rid of the nagging tension that was under the surface of their working relationship

I can’t promise that all of these things will happen for you – it really depends on you and how seriously you take the network.

But if you are willing to do the work of personal and ministry growth this year, I want you to apply.

But I need you to apply quickly. Learn more and apply online or download and complete the application RIGHT NOW at www.worshipleaderinsights.com/coaching.

It’s that simple. I hope you will allow me the opportunity to coach you this year!

Jason Hatley
Pastor of Worship Arts
The Journey Church


TUESDAY MORNING INSIGHTS is Jason Hatley’s free weekly training resource specifically designed to provide you as a worship leader with proven principles, tips and practices to help you lead a healthy and thriving Worship Arts Team.

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