Your Worship Team Can Grow . . . and Here’s How!

Did you know . . . This summer is the perfect time for your team to grow?

That’s the question I’ve been asking in Part 1 and Part 2 of this new series on How to Grow Yourself and Your Worship Team this summer.

The last two weeks I’ve challenged you to have a Passion for growth this summer and to partner with God in Praying for growth this summer. . . two very important parts of your growth plan.

But without this 3rd and final element in your Growth Plan for the summer, the first two will soon fade.

#3 – You Must have a Process for Growth.

You see, good intentions and spiritual inspiration will soon return to old habits if you don’t create a process for growth this summer.

This summer is the perfect time for your team to grow!

I know what you’re saying. “Jason, a lot of our church members are gone for the summer.” Or, “Our team struggles just to fill all of our serving positions in the summer. How could we possibly add new people when even my current team is out?”

I hear you. But the truth is that the work you do to help your team grow in the summer will determine the strength of your team in the fall.

Here’s what I mean . . .

I grew up on a farm in North Carolina (I know – that’s a long way from NYC). To this day my dad is a farmer.

Farmers don’t plant or harvest in the summer, but the work they do in summer determines how strong their crop will be in the Fall.

#1 – Farmers guard they’re crop in the summer. In the summer farmers guard their growing crops by ensuring they have enough water and are protected from anything that could harm them.

What are you doing this summer to ensure your current team doesn’t dry out . . .
. . . Spiritually?
. . . Creatively?
. . . In their desire to serve?

#2 – Farmers fertilize their crop in the summer. One of the key ingredients to the size of the harvest in fall is how farmers fertilize the fields in the summer.

The same is true for you. You may not add a lot of new people to your team in the summer, but by planning and preparing now you will ensure that your team grows exponentially this Fall.

In fact, the Fall is almost always the biggest time of year for team growth. Last Fall our team in NYC added over 75 new people to the team. . . in one day through a BIG DAY OF AUDITIONS.

And not only at The Journey, but the members of my coaching networks who ran audition systems last Fall experienced dramatic growth as well.

And so can you . . . if you have a Process to Grow Your Team.

I believe the best process is to hold a BIG DAY of auditions.

I teach this system in my coaching networks and in the How to Double Your Worship Team in a Day resource.

It’s a powerful system that has been implemented by hundreds of churches of all shapes and sizes who have told me that the system worked for them as well, helping them deepen the commitment of their team members and involve more people in their life-changing worship arts ministry.

The truth is . . . the audition system is WAY more than I could give you in this post (it’s over 3 hours of practical teaching and a ton of bonuses to boot!).

But I believe so strongly that this system will help your worship team can grow, that I’ll make you a BIG GUARANTEE:

If you secure the “How to Double Your Worship Team in a Day” resource by this Friday, July 27, study it and sincerely implement the biblical and practical ideas presented in it this Fall, and you do not see an increase in the Health and Growth of your team through a big day of auditions, I will give you DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT back (how’s that for a guarantee on your investment).

Yep, I’m basically willing to pay you to listen to the resource.

And the reason why is because I am confident that with the right system and your passionate and prayerful leadership you can see more new people than ever before step out of their seats and start serving on your team.

So, here’s HOW TO SECURE your How to Double Your Worship Team in a Day resource today.

Click Here to Download NOW:

Click Here for the Resource on CD:

I hope you’ll take me up on this challenge, and I hope that you will share with me all that you see God do in your team through the process.

Your partner in ministry,


PS – See below for more details on the How to Double Your Worship Team in a Day resource.

In this 3-hour workshop, I will teach you the nuts-and-bolts principles of:
double wt

  • How to exponentially grow the number of people serving on your worship team and ensure that you’re never short on volunteers again!
  • How to create a thriving auditions strategy that honors God and empowers volunteers to serve in their area of greatest gifting.
  • 5 foundations of an Effective Audition Strategy that you MUST have in order to maximize your team.
  • How to develop seasons for your team so that current members are never “burned out” and new members are always joining.
  • How to plan, promote, execute and follow-up on a BIG day of auditions
  • How to capture over 40% of your audition sign-ups through a 30 minute pre-audition reception.
  • How to lead an actual audition, including what to say and do during the audition.
  • Actual scripts for how to follow-up with those who have auditioned.
  • How to say “No” to someone who auditions in a way that connects them to another area of your worship ministry.
  • How to deepen the commitment of your worship team to Christ, the church and the team through an easy to navigate leadership development process.
  • And much more!

You also receive includes more than 65 additional resource files, including:

  • a 45-page fill-in-the-blank printable notebook
  • Audition applications for Band, Dance, Design, Drama, Media/Production, Vocal and Creative Writing teams
  • Actual audition follow-up phone call scripts used at The Journey, including how to say “No” to someone who auditions in a way that connects them to another area of your worship ministry
  • Actual emails used to promote auditions to the entire church database, welcome new team members and more
  • Editable Photoshop files for flyers, information cards, and PowerPoint slides
  • Orientation notebook and BONUS 2-hour mp3 of Jason teaching Orientation to new team members.

Plus much more!

Secure your 3-CD set here:

Download your copy here and save $30.00:

And if you aren’t absolutely satisfied with this resource (or any of my resources for that matter) simply return your product within 365 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

Jason Hatley
Pastor of Worship Arts
The Journey Church

TUESDAY MORNING INSIGHTS is Jason Hatley’s free weekly training resource specifically designed to provide you as a worship leader with proven principles, tips and practices to help you lead a healthy and thriving Worship Arts Team.

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