3 Spiritual Growth Check-points Your Worship Team Needs

For this week’s Tuesday Morning Insight, I’m going to pull back the curtain a bit and invite you to experience one of my favorite parts of the Worship Leader Tele-Coaching Networks that I lead – the Q&A Call-in.

Throughout the course of the Coaching Network there are scheduled times to call in to ask questions and get direct feedback on things that are going on in your church.

Last week on one of my Coaching phone calls one of the worship leaders in the network asked a great question . . . “How do you ensure that your team members are growing spiritually?”

I bet you’ve asked the same question before in your ministry. While I don’t have all the answers to this question – there are probably as many ideas for how to do this as there are worship leaders – there are 3 important things that I do regularly.
1 – Ensure all of our team members are in a Growth Group (small group Bible study). One of the expectations of serving on The Journey’s Worship Arts Team is to be a member of a Growth Group. By doing so, I know the members of our team have put themselves in an environment where they will study God’s word, fellowship, give and receive prayer, serve once a month “off the stage” as an usher or greeter, and participate in an outreach project. All normal parts of our Growth Group culture, and very important steps in growing in your faith.

2 – Make personal and corporate worship a priority. Another expectation that I give to our team is that they make their own personal worship, as well as corporate worship a priority. That is, spending time daily in prayer and Bible study (I tell them to shoot for 7 days, but if you hit 5 days call it a success). And also, attending on Sunday’s and participating in the worship experience, even if you aren’t serving. It’s important for members of our team to also feel like members of the church. To understand that the platform doesn’t elevate them beyond their need to be part of corporate worship.

3 – Create check-points along the way. Expectations are important, but alone they are not enough when it comes to the spiritual growth of your team. It requires a hands-on approach. After all, “You don’t get what you expect. You get what you inspect.” So I create checkpoints along the way to see how our team members are doing. It could be coffee occasionally, checking in on Sundays, or raising leaders to help you stay connected to your team as it’s growing.

In the coaching network call last week I went into detail about all of the ways we do this at The Journey (it’s far too much to include here). But you get the idea . . . we must find ways to check in with our team members and help them continue to grow.

Do you know what I found by the end of our coaching call? The real question began to emerge. It wasn’t just how to help our teams grow spiritually, but the real question was, “What is my role in helping our team grow spiritually?”

The answer is a bit of a paradox. On one hand there’s nothing I can do to make anyone on my team grow spiritually. They have to make a personal decision to do that.

But on the other hand, as the Worship Pastor, it is my responsibility to make sure the members of my team are in environments where they can grow spiritually. By creating the expectations and checking in regularly you can establish some systematic ways to inspire and measure the spiritual growth of your team.

So here are 2 application questions for you as we close:

#1 – How are you doing at placing your team members in the environment to grow spiritually?

#2 – Who is doing the same thing for you? Who is challenging you to grow personally (spiritually, professionally, as a pastor, parent, leader, etc.)?

If you don’t have that person in your life, why not let me come alongside of you and coach you?

My next Tele-Coaching network begins in less than 45 days and it’s already filling up. The coaching network is not right for everyone, but I would love to hold a spot for you if you have a high commitment to growth and are passionate about becoming all that God has called you to be in ministry.

You can join with a group of other top-notch worship leaders over the next 12 months for an accelerated course in personal and ministry growth in my new Coaching Network starting on Friday, October 14.

In the coaching network I will teach you the systems that we have developed here at The Journey Church to help you overcome:

  • The Personal Challenge – How to develop personal leadership growth habits that help you lead at an optimum level
  • The Pastor Challenge – How to give the Lead Pastor exactly what he needs from the Worship Pastor
  • The Planning Challenge – How to plan farther ahead than ever before, and create more impactful services than ever before.
  • The People Challenge – How to maximize the number of people serving on your worship arts team, AND how to lead your team at the next level
  • The Provision Challenge – How to make the most of the resources spent on the Sunday service for now and the future
  • The Professionalism Challenge – How to create an atmosphere of excellence for yourself and your volunteers
  • The Production Challenge – How to ensure that every Sunday service is successfully planned for and executed

I walk along side of you for a FULL YEAR helping you implement these systems and grow in your leadership. It’s all Step-by-step, and very nuts and bolts.

The Coaching Network is NOT about information . . . it’s about IMPLEMENTATION. We’re on the phone together, and you receive personalized input from me and others on how to create and lead these systems.

There is a monthly investment involved. But it’s less than what you would invest in taking a few key team members with you to a major conference this year.

And here’s the difference…

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You also receive:

  • A proven coaching process that leads to growth and health (with nearly 200 Coaching Alumni, I’ve seen these systems work in churches of all styles, sizes, types and denominations)
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I can’t promise that all of these things will happen for you – it really depends on you and how seriously you take the network.

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It’s that simple. I hope you will allow me the opportunity to coach you this year!

Your partner in ministry,