Are you making a BIG mistake in your Worship Planning?

It’s Jason Hatley, Pastor of Worship Arts @ The Journey and I want to shoot straight with you . . . I don’t like it when someone tells me that I’m making a mistake.

Call it foolish pride I suppose. Can you relate?

After all, no one’s perfect and I know I make mistakes (just ask my wife and she’ll tell you all about it :-).

But, usually after I get over my bruised ego and damaged pride and I realize that the person telling me about a mistake I’m making really has my best interest at heart, my grumblings are replaced with gratitude. After all, I’ve been in ministry long enough to know that I don’t know it all and I need people to help along the way.

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“Man, this is Organized!”

“Man, this is organized!”

Those are the words of a guest worship leader that I recently asked to lead at The Journey.

After joining us for load-in, set-up, our timed sound checks, focus time, and cue-to-cue he told me backstage that it was one of the most organized and efficient Sunday morning run-throughs he had experienced. And because the level of stress was low, everyone on the team was able to focus on their role as lead worshippers that morning.

I’ll be honest . . . it made me proud of our church. We have incredible volunteers who work hard and our system for staying on track and reducing the stress of Sunday had struck him as something out of the ordinary.

I tell you that to tell you this . . . recently I had the opportunity to be a guest worship leader at a friend’s church. Unfortunately, I didn’t walk away with the same feeling. All the volunteers were great, the church was great. But that Sunday morning was stressful and you could see it on everyone’s face. The service went fine, but it took a lot of energy to pull all the last minute details together in the minutes before the service.

It got me thinking . . . why the distinct difference in experiences? It wasn’t the hearts of the volunteers. They both had hearts of gold. It wasn’t the equipment. Both churches had the equipment needed for excellent services.

As I dug deeper into it the answer finally emerged. The difference wasn’t in what was happening on Sunday, but in what had happened long before we got to Sunday.

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Take the 7-Point Worship Team Check-up

Jason HatleyWhen is the last time you went to the doctor for a check-up?I went to the doctor for a physical not too long ago. It had been almost 2 years since I had a gone for a check-up. Well overdue I’d say.And it got me thinking . . . Going to the doctor for a check-up is a unique experience. Every other time you go to the doctor it’s for one specific thing that’s wrong.Maybe it’s a broken bone or a cold, but when you go to the doctor for one of these reasons the only area they look at is … well the area that’s sick.However, when you go for a check-up, the doctor examines all the areas of your body. Height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, echocardiogram . . . the works.And here is what the doctor is looking for:
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Free Webinar: The Top 3 Worship Planning Mistakes – This Week!

I am hosting a FREE Webinar designed for BOTH Pastors and Worship Leaders this week and I want you to join me for it.

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This is an ideal training experience for both Pastors and Worship Pastors to attend together.

  • Do you feel stress in planning your services?
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You will discover how to overcome the Top 3 Mistakes that are keeping you from making your worship services the very best they can be in this new 75-minute webinar with Jason Hatley!

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  • How to break the week-to-week mindset and begin creating “WOW” moments in worship
  • The Paradigm Shift that will TRANSFORM how you plan worship services.
  • How to overcome procrastination and eliminate the stress of last minute planning!
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