What’s in Your Top 5?

I’m not talking about your Top 5 80’s love songs (though I do love power ballads). No – I have something a little more important in mind.

Here’s what I mean: If I were to ask you to write down on a sheet of paper the TOP 5 MOST CRUCIAL activities that you do as a leader in your church, could you name them?

This is a question we asked in a Journey staff meeting years ago and one that I oftentimes ask to the Worship Leaders in my coaching networks.

The question is simple on the surface, but powerfully clarifying when you take time to answer.

The truth is many pastors and worship leaders are more likely to be busy than effective. There’s a distinct difference. As Peter Drucker says, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

And not because they don’t want to make the biggest impact for the kingdom possible, but because in ministry it is so easy to be distracted by the urgent and allow the important to slide by.

So back to this powerful little question – “What are your TOP 5 PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES that make the biggest impact in your church?”

Here are 3 reasons why answering this question (along with your pastor – VERY IMPORTANT) are worth your time and effort, and after this I’ll share a few of mine.

Knowing your Top 5 . . .

#1 – Keeps you focused on what’s most important. Rather than working on whatever comes across your desk, use your Top 5 to set your daily and weekly task priorities. If a task isn’t connected to the Top 5 then ask, “Can it may be delegated, delayed, or dumped?”

#2 – Creates a concrete list of your primary responsibilities. If you don’t have a Top 5 then you may never be clear on “exactly what am I responsible for here”. You may stay busy, but you will never know if what you’re working on is the most important thing you could be doing at that moment. A Top 5 list will bring clarity and immediately increases your effectiveness.

#3 – Gives you categories to file tasks under. The problem with most task lists is that they are long, disorganized, un-prioritized, and ultimately don’t help you do the most important thing at every given moment (a personal goal of mine).

So when you start working on the list of things you need to get done this week or this month, knowing your Top 5 helps you easily decide what things are most important and begin creating some sanity out of your week.

In my current To Do list I can easily look at the tasks and tell you which of the Top 5 it falls under and what days I need to be working on those specific tasks (after all not everything has to be done today).

Here are a few of the items on my TOP 5 (in no particular order):

Responsible for the Leadership and Growth of the Worship Arts Team – The leadership and development of our team members and leaders from the personal growth of individuals to the addition of new people to the team. This is a BIGGIE!

Lead Worship Planning Process – Including writing worship orders, leading worship planning meetings, keeping our team on track with our Worship Planning System, you get the picture.

Produce the Sunday service – Oh yeah . . . there’s much more to a Sunday service than just the music. I produce the entire service. Every staff and volunteer connected with what happens on stage at a Journey worship service reports to me on Sunday and every element is overseen and approved by me.

I’ll keep the other 2 a secret for now . . . after all – my TOP 5 aren’t necessarily your TOP 5.

So – what are your TOP 5? Take 15 minutes (right now) to make a list. You will probably come up with 15-20 things that you do – probably more – but I’m not asking for your task list. Narrow it down to the TOP 5 MOST IMPORTANT AREAS THAT YOU LEAD which help your church succeed in fulfilling it’s mission.

Once you have your list, make sure your pastor would agree that those are your TOP 5, and then start organizing your task list to do the most important things possible at every given moment.

Your partner in ministry,


PS – One item on EVERY Worship Leader’s Top 5 list should be their own Personal Growth. After all – as goes the Worship Leader, so goes the Worship Ministry.

What’s your plan for personal growth for the next 12 months?

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– Josiah Herried, CenterPoint Christian Fellowship, Tacoma, WA


“I would not be exaggerating to say that in my case this network has been life/ministry transforming. In this past year the Worship arts Department has grown more than in the last 7 years combined. This network really helped to de-stress my life and increase my effectiveness as the Worship Pastor.”
– Bode Abodunde, World Harvest Christian Center, Pennsauken, NJ


“Don’t miss this opportunity to steward the next year of your life, purposing to learn how to grow yourself, your team and your church into the healthy, growing and thriving ministry God wants for you. Pastor Jason is a comforting, thorough, trustworthy and practical teacher of Biblical truths that will propel your worship and leadership to the next level – and you’ll have fun through the process.”
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