Are your volunteers ready to quit?

Happy Valentines Day!

I’m sure you have something special planned for your spouse today, but can I ask you a candid question: 

Does your Worship Team know that you love them?

Let me explain.

The people in your life will know that you love them not just by what you SAY, but more importantly by what you DO and by who you are BECOMING!

And when worship team members don’t feel loved, they leave!

After coaching over 200 worship leaders in the last 6 years, here’s what I’ve found . . .

Most volunteers leave their worship teams because they feel:

  • Under-challenged
  • Under-communicated with
  • Under-led

One of the BEST ways to show your worship team you love and appreciate them is to LEAD them well.

The truth is… if you don’t do your best to challenge, communicate with and lead your team at the highest level, you’re actually keeping them from becoming all that God has called them to be in your ministry.

My personal experience – along with my interaction with thousands of worship leaders in the Worship Leader Insights family over the years – has given me a unique perspective on how these three missing leadership qualities can take its toll… on you, your volunteers and your church!

I want to help you lead your team at the highest level – for their effectiveness in ministry, as well as yours!

So TODAY ONLY, I’d like to offer you a special Valentine’s Day copy of one of my most helpful resources, LEADING WITH AUTHORITY IN REHEARSAL (a $99.95 Value), for ONLY $49.95!

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In this 3-HOUR downloadable resource, I will teach you:

  • How to bring the best out of the musicians on your team
  • Where your authority comes from in rehearsal, and how to use it to create a
    culture of excellence
  • How to develop your vision for the worship set and inspire your team to
    embrace it
  • The 4-Step process that will radically transform the culture of your team, create
    accountability and ensure everyone lives up to your team expectations
  • How to invest personally into the lives of your Worship Team members at rehearsal and the weekend service
  • The Journey’s Nine Core Values for Music Planning and how to begin writing your own
  • How to lead a music planning meeting, and the Five Questions you need to be asking every week to get ready for rehearsal!
  • How to build momentum, remove distractions and lead your church into powerful worship this Sunday!
  • How to cut your rehearsal time in half and create more time for personal investment and vision casting
  • How to turn “difficult” team members into your biggest allies
  • How to guarantee that every team member arrives on-time, prepared and knowing their parts
  • Plus much more!

In addition to three hours of audio training, this resource includes dozens of ministry-building
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Your partner in ministry,


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Leading with Authority in Rehearsal – $49.95 (Today Only)

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Jason Hatley
Pastor of Worship Arts, The Journey Church
Founder, Worship Leader Insights