How to Make the Pastor / Worship Pastor Relationship Work, Part 1

Jason Hatley

Recently on a phone call with my Tele-Coaching network one of the worship leaders in our network began to ask my thoughts on how to overcome what has become (I think) a CENTRAL issue for Worship Leaders serving in the local church.

It has nothing to do with where you find new music, or even how to grow your team.

It’s the challenge of how to work effectively with your pastor to plan your worship services.

After completing a session on some proven strategies to plan worship services months (even a year) in advance through a great tool called the One Year Preaching Calendar, my friend asked a question that many worship leaders struggle with. “This is great. It would be a huge help to our planning process, BUT I don’t know if my pastor will want to plan in advance like this.”

By the way, the shoe fits the other foot as well. Pastors who are working hard to keep their teams planned ahead and it’s the worship pastor who just can’t find the time or organization to lead the effort for advanced planning and seems to fall behind.

The BIG issue behind this is really not as much the planning itself, but the relationship between the Pastor and Worship Pastor. And that’s what I have found through coaching nearly 200 worship pastors personally and training thousands of others, is the true hard work of advanced planning.

As the Worship Pastors, we invest a tremendous amount of my time in creating the weekly worship experiences. But we don’t accomplish this alone. In fact, if we are serious about our worship services being the very best that they can be every week, we can’t do this alone.

It takes a team effort. That team is founded on the Pastor / Worship Pastor relationship.

Over the next few weeks I will be talking about how the relationship between Pastor and Worship Pastor is a central issue in planning effective worship services, and I will teach you the four steps to maximizing this relationship, and your worship service planning.

Before we can get started on the relationship, we need to take a moment to talk about the planning.

I believe that advance planning honors God. So much so that my lead Pastor Nelson and I have not only co-authored resources like Planning Worship Services for Life Transformation, but we have also co-authored a book coming out in October on this very topic entitled, “Engage: A Guide to Creating Life-Transforming Worship Services” (available now for pre-order).

Many Pastors and Worship Pastors think that advance worship planning is a good idea if you get around to it, or if it works in your culture.

I believe that advance worship planning is much more. I believe it’s actually an act of worship.

It is God-honoring when we decide to bathe an upcoming service in prayer for it’s preparation. When we meet to discuss ways that we can communicate the timeless truths of God’s word in a timely fashion. When we commit to give ourselves and our teams the time needed to prepare with excellence the elements for the service.

No doubt about it – when we create a structure that allows for advance planning we are trusting God to speak to us far enough in advance for us to listen and obey, rather than leaving all the details to the last minute and scurrying about finding a way to just get it done.

Once we understand the spiritual (and practical) significance of working together to plan worship services weeks, months, even a year in advance, only then can we really start to go to work on this very important relationship.

So as I wrap up this first post, let’s get the ball rolling on this topic by defining worship planning.

Worship Planning Defined: the process by which the Pastor and Worship Pastor work together to design worship services that are relevant, creative, God-honoring and transformational.

There are three important distinctives in this definition.

1. …Pastor and Worship Pastor work together – Do you have a scheduled time for meeting with your pastor or worship pastor to plan, implement and evaluate your worship services?

2. …design worship services – Do you have a process for worship planning that can empower you to work with your Pastor / Worship Pastor to plan 6 months to a year out?

3. …relevant, creative, God-honoring and transformational. – At The Journey these words describe our values for worship services. What are your values for planning worship services?

Many churches aspire to great ideals in worship planning, but settle for “just getting through Sunday” because they don’t have a system to keep them from looking at the Sunday service with a week-to-week mindset.

By the end of this series, you will have some insights and systems that will help you maximize the Pastor / Worship Pastor relationship, and ultimately help you plan more effective worship services.
Your partner in ministry,


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