You don’t need more discipline in your life. You need more . . .

Jason HatleyYou don’t need more discipline in your life. You need more . . .

I’ll admit it – there are some things in my life that I’m disciplined in and some things I am not so much.

Are you with me on that?

For instance, I feel I have a lot of discipline when it comes to the work of ministry, but I don’t do as well when it comes to showing restraint with one of life’s greatest temptations – ice cream :-).

Maybe it’s your spiritual life, your goals, your Sabbath, the health and growth of your team. I’ll let you fill in the blank.

But chances are we typically like to avoid the conversation of discipline because it usually reminds us that we have work to do.

Jim Rohn says that, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.” That is, it helps us get to the place that we want to be. Discipline turns “what is” into “what could be”.

We all have a dream, a hope, a goal, a vision for something that we would like to see happen in our ministry. The problem is many of us don’t have the discipline to turn that into reality.

In reading the book, Leading with Confidence recently the author tackled this tough subject by saying, “Discipline is not the problem. Motivation is! If you have the motivation, discipline is no problem. If you lack motivation, discipline is always a problem.”

So that got me thinking . . . how can you and I as worship leaders Maximize our Motivation to see God’s best in our ministries. To overcome the challenges that have made you stuck (personal growth, spiritual development, team health and growth, more powerful worship services, etc.).

I can’t do it for you (I can only do it for me), but here are 3 things that I’ve learned in nearly a decade of ministry to help me go from where I am to where I want to be.

#1 – Get a clear understanding of where you are.

The path to becoming what God has called you to be in ministry starts with some honest assessment. I have to recognize where I am, what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are.

This is one of the BIG things that we do in my Tele-Coaching networks. I call it getting on the balcony. Basically – take some time get out of the hectic pace of ministry so that you can honestly assess where you are and go to work on the things that aren’t going as well as you thought.

Remember – the heart is deceitful so we all have the ability to convince ourselves that we’re doing better at something than we really are.

Once you’re clear on where you are . . .

#2 – Then get a clear vision of where you want to go.

It’s only by knowing where you are that you can start plotting a course for where you want to be.

For example – if you look at your spiritual life and you realize that you’re not spending daily time with God like you thought you were, it’s only then that you can start making some changes to connect with God on a daily / deeper level.

This step is all about the decision to get started. Nothing happens until you decide to change course.

If you aren’t happy with the culture and health of your team, then get a clear vision of what you want the culture and health of your team to look like.

Once you have a vision for it, then . . .

#3 – Design a clear plan to get there.

Don’t stand on the shore aware of where you are, certain of where you want to be, but stranded without a plan to get there. In order to change your current circumstance you have a decide on a course of action to take you where you want to go.

This happened for me last year. I realized last year that one weakness of our team was that we weren’t doing enough to help people feel connected to me and our vision personally (our team is nearly 250 volunteers these days). As a result, we were having some trouble retaining people on the team. Some folks were leaving the team because they didn’t feel well-connected.

So we took an honest assessment of where we were, decided what the ideal team member’s level of engagement would look like, and then plotted a course to get there. We developed a series of what I simply called “Retention Strategies” to help ensure that there was a personal connection. From things as simple as sending birthday cards to more complex strategies for vision casting, we began to implement these new ideas and one year later we have drastically closed the back door of our team.

So here’s the question for you . . .

* Where are you?

* Where do you want to be?

* How are you going to get there?

As a member of the Worship Leader Insights family, Thank You for allowing me to partner with you in walking down this path. Whether it’s through these weekly leadership lessons, one of our practical process-based resources, or through the ultimate mentoring experience – my Tele-Coaching Networks – I want you to know that I’m committed to helping you become all that God has called you to be.

Your partner in ministry,


PS – Speaking of Godly Goals . . . Maybe you’ve never thought those two words go together.

Yet goal setting is a powerful tool that Pastors and Worship Leaders can use in leading and growing a healthy church.  I want to recommend to you the most complete resource I’ve found on goals for those of us in ministry – Setting and Achieving Godly Goals.

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  • The positive impact that goals will have on your spouse and children (they want you to have goals!)
  • What to do when you don’t achieve all your goals
  • How to fully design your life to honor and glorify God


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