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One of the hallmarks of being a Renegade Worship Pastor is generosity, so I’ll continue to surprise you from time to time with additional resources and opportunities.

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2) Mark Your Calendar for our Next Monthly Leadership and Strategy and Briefing Call 

At the heart of the network is this monthly leadership and strategy briefing I’ll lead along with Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas via conference call – designed to help you stay one step ahead of the calendar and continue to maximize your time and energy as a worship and church leader.

We’ll also save time for your personalized questions to be answered. Plan now to attend our next Briefing Call (typically the first Wednesday of every month from 2:00pm-3:30pm).


Renegade Worship Pastor Hub

In the follow-up email arriving in your inbox now you will find a link to log in to your personalized RWPN Hub. Inside your hub you will find this month’s resources, conference call recordings, executive summaries, Growth Points newsletters, and much, much more!

Each month your hub will be automatically updated with the most current resources and training to help you stay ahead of the calendar and lead a balanced ministry and personal life.


Your Renegade Worship Pastor Membership includes:
The Renegade Worship Pastors Network is a monthly subscription membership that includes:

    1. The RWPN LIVE MONTHLY UPDATE AND LEADERSHIP BRIEFING. At the heart of the network is a monthly update and briefing from me via LIVE Conference Call. This monthly “pastor to pastor” call (which will be recorded on MP3 for your library) will be a personal, practical, packed-with-content training where I will challenge you, enlighten you, equip you and guide you to maximize your next season of ministry.With the Worship Leader Gold Monthly Update and Briefing, you’ll always be one step ahead in your planning and fully inspired and equipped to lead your worship ministry at the highest level ($199.00 per month value).
    2. Monthly Equipping Interview/Conference Call – with me, Nelson Searcy, one of our mentors, a noted author or ministry leader – previous interviews include Steve Stroope, Larry Osborne, Patrick Lencioni, Bruce Wilkinson, and more. Listen live when you can, and you’ll receive an MP3 recording each month ($195.00 per month value).
    3. Monthly bonus mail package to help you stay on track and ahead of the calendar. This monthly kit will be mailed to you, including articles, transcripts, members-only opportunities, event invitations and more!
    4. Private Call-In-Hours where you can talk directly to Jason ($295.00 per month value).
    5. FREE Church Growth Champions newsletter, featuring pioneers of church growth and evangelism to inspire you and your ministry
    6. NEW – Book Summaries for the duration of your membership. Your RWPN membership includes a complimentary subscription to the leading executive summary service for pastors for no extra charge ($379.00 per year value).
    7. FREE “Growth Points” Newsletter written by Church Growth expert Dr. Gary McIntosh. You will be able to keep up with the latest research and learnings on church growth and church health.
    8. RESTRICTED ACCESS Online Membership Site/Blog/Resources ($99.00 per month value). You’ll have instant access to all your RWPN benefits, documents, recordings, etc. in your online Worship Leader Gold hub.
    9. Continually Updated RENEGADE WORSHIP PASTOR RESOURCE DOCUMENTS AND DIRECTORY ($399.00 per month value). If there’s a document that we use at The Journey or that is shared by someone else in the network (and I think its helpful) I’ll share it with you.
    10. Members-Only 30% DISCOUNT on all Worship Leader Insights and Church Leader Insights Resources ($245.00 value).
    11. FREE Webinar Access to all Church Leader Insights and Worship Leader Insights Webinars ($197.00 per month value).
    12. NETWORK ONLY rates on Coaching Networks and Advanced Coaching Networks ($141.00 per month value). As a Renegade Worship Pastor, you’ll be able to enter a future 12-Month Worship Pastor Tele-Coaching Network or put a staff member through one of our other networks at the lowest possible rate.
    13. Lowest Event Registration Rate for all Church Leader Insights and Worship Leader Insights Events ($100.00 per month value), including upcoming Renegade Pastors Conferences and Church Systems Bootcamps.
    14. $813.20 in FREE Resources when you join today! These resources will be waiting for you in yourWorship Leader Gold Online Hub within two hours of the time you join – you can start taking advantage of these resources immediately!

Total value of resources and training you receive exceed $2,568.00 per month.