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How Healthy is Your Worship Team?

Without a way to measure, it’s impossible to know how you are doing in the key areas of:

  • Personal growth
  • Planning worship services
  • Leading and Growing your team
  • Budgeting resources
  • And much more!

Discover how to use the 7-Point check-up system to gauge the health of your team and take action steps to ensure you and your team are growing this year.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • How to identify the SEVEN KEY AREAS that determine the health and growth of your worship ministry.
  • How to set and achieve the 3 GOALS that will have the greatest impact on your personal growth this year.
  • How to break the week-to-week mindset and begin creating “WOW” moments in worship , while reducing the stress of worship planning
  • How to MAXIMIZE the growth and commitment of your team, while at the same time MINIMIZING conflicts
  • How to make the Sunday service a success every week!
  • Action steps for how to make this year in ministry your best year in ministry!
  • And much more!

Perfect for Worship Leaders and Lead Pastors!