How Healthy is Your Worship Team?

Without a way to measure, it’s impossible to know how you are doing in the key areas of:

Personal growth
Planning worship services
Leading and Growing your team
Budgeting resources
And much more!

Discover how to use the 7-Point check-up system to gauge the health of your team and take action steps to ensure you and your team are growing this year.

Here’s what you will learn in this FREE webinar:

How to identify the SEVEN KEY AREAS that determine the health and growth of your worship ministry.
How to set and achieve the 3 GOALS that will have the greatest impact on your personal growth this year.
How to break the week-to-week mindset and begin creating “WOW” moments in worship
How to reduce the stress of worship planning
How to MAXIMIZE the growth and commitment of your team, while at the same time MINIMIZING conflicts
How to make the Sunday service a success every week!
Action steps for how to make this year in ministry your best year in ministry!
And much more!

Perfect for Worship Leaders and Lead Pastors

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